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Front Springs
Afternoon guys,

One of my front coil springs has given, thinking about replacing both side's as I have the tools and some spring compressors.

I've read it's recommend to replace to drop links while I'm at it, I've order Springs, mounts, and drop links....

Is there anything esle I should look out for?

Thanks in advance. Smile

1.9d, 2006, 140k miles.
Maybe the spring cups/bearings at the top of the strut?
Never hurts to check the shocks at the same time. Or any ball-joint nearby. After all, if you've got it up on stands and have the wheels off...
I found compressing the springs to be quite a challenge as they are very long. I had to go out and buy another pair of spring compressors to use in conjunction and even then it was a marginal process. If I ever need to do it again I will get the local garage to reassemble the strut as they have a big commercial compressing tool.
Should have added that it was quite risky as there was so much pressure involved and I felt the clamps could easily slip. Bit like handling a grenade, and I am not normally the nervous type. :-)
Oh really? Looking at mine they don't seem that long at all? (600kg version)
Guessing they are compressed...
My 2.0 springs were too much for my compressors, nearly had a major incident getting the strut nut off the top. Had to get the local garage to put it back together. Different models have different spring ratings though, so you might be ok.
Yes, it was getting them down to the compressed length to get the top bearing assembly retaining nut and washers on that I found dodgy. I had to help the top few coils down using some woodworking clamps, not recommended though.
I have changed springs on other makes just using my two original clamps but the berlingo springs were something else.
BTW, mine is also a 2L, hdi. :-)
(12-09-2019, 09:23 PM)ArozNick Wrote:  Oh really? Looking at mine they don't seem that long at all? (600kg version)
Guessing they are compressed...

Rolleyes  There's a ton of vehicle holding them down, when you are trying to get a new spring down to fit the top on it's a whole different story. I bought a hydraulic spring compressor just to do mine as they both broke at the same time. It's easier to cut the drop links off than trying to undo them sometimes but I do try to remove them first then resort to the hacksaw ans angle grinder.
So where does this bit go then ?

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