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Advice on turbo problems
New member here! 

Iv been very interested in getting a berlingo for a while but I been put off by a lot of people advising me against buying one because of a turbo problem?

I was also told that the problem was fixed after 2010/2011 but I can’t seem to find any information to confirm that.

I seem a lot of these vans on the road so it can’t be a huge problem, just a question to see if anyone has got any advise on what to look for etc.?

Thanks guys!
Hi, welcome to the forum.

If you search through the M59 section you'll fine lots of threads about turbos, there are also a lot of other threads outside of the forum about 1.6HDi turbos. There are a lot of possible causes of problems, most if not all are oil related.
Somewhere around 2012, the 1.6 engines were changed from 16v to 8v and from that point most if not all of the turbo problems seem to have gone. If you're buying a 1.6 16v (you can tell by the '16v' on the engine cover), it's best to know if it's been serviced well and, if the seller will let you, wiggle the end of the turbo shaft to check for play.
The problem with the turbos was the incorrect oil was specked for 1200 mile oil changes.

Simple use 5w40 and change every 6-9k you wont get a problem. Mine is a 2008 16v and its a great engine, ive never had a problem in the 11 years ive owned it, ive also looked after a few early 16v ones for friends with 200k on them and not one engine, turbo or egr problem.
The thing is that once it's had a turbo problem, unless the cause is fixed, chances there will be another turbo problem before too long. Most of what I've read relates to oil not being changed enough so totally agree about that, but apparently the oil can also get contaminated by carbon blowing past loose injectors and there's that gauze filter at the bottom of the turbo oil feed that gets clogged on some cars. I wouldn't be surprised if the EGR valve has an effect on the oil quality too.
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Thanks for the information! I will be looking for the 8v engine!
(24-09-2019, 10:45 AM)Dyfan123 Wrote:  Thanks for the information! I will be looking for the 8v engine!

Lighty has had some problems with injectors on the 8v engines also the injector clamps snapping. Im sure there are also a few other problems but cant remember. If the vehicle you are looking at has a full Citroen service history they will be able to tell you if any injector work as been done.

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