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Starter motor or something else?
Hi all
Last few days my 05 Berlingo Van 1.9 diesel will not start after frequent start/stopping. I initially thought it was the starter motor but the clicking sound seems to be coming from the fuse box( just below steering wheel right hand side) and not the engine bay. Please see video. It does start after around ten minutes though. Very frustrating! I was thinking does the Berlingo have a starter relay could it that. Any other ideas?
Thanks in advance
Does the 1.9 have a BSI? From your description, it's perhaps a relay in there that feeds the starter relay. The starter motor relay is normally part of the starter motor these days.
Yes it does have one. As I said the clicking noise is coming from that and not the starter motor. In Friday I made sure the fuses and socket bits were fully pushed in. I've been out in it today to try and replicate the issue but it's working fine!!
Hello - try googling 'heat soak'. I've not had this on the Berlingo (but have had it with a 1.4 HDi and a funky 3,0 litre Mercedes straight 6).  When the starter gets old it starts to wear and starts building up a bit of electrical resistance. When it gets super heated up that resistance is increased beyond the point where the feed circuit can handle it - so the relays and solenoid will click away and pass current down to the motor but it refuses to play.
There could be a current drop for a number of other reasons though - dirty earth terminals, dirty main feed etc etc. Check all the wiring first as its cheaper than a new starter (!).
We ended up parking the 1.4 HDi on a slope - every time we did, it would start on the key - sods law

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