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Revs not falling back on accelerating
My M59 1.6 Hdi generally drives well, good power and excellent fuel economy ....but ...

when changing up a gear the engine seems to want to hold onto the revs rather than letting them fall back.

This isn't too bad when driving modestly but when you need to get through the gears quickly it becomes a nuisance.

The harder the you accelerate the worse it is .

Also when working the engine hard the revs don't just " hold " but they increase by say 200 rpm even with foot off the loud pedal and clutch pedal depressed.

It is almost as if the gear change is being done where the driver isn't taking the foot off the throttle.

I've fitted a return spring to ensure instant pedal return with no change so not a sticky pedal.

Anyone had this issue and is aware of a fix ?  If so I'd be pleased to hear from you.
Maybe the throttle body / doseur has some stiffness or sluggish response ? Is it only when changing gear or do you get the same thing when revving while stationary?
I think it may be useful to connect Lexia and see what the live traces show. For the engine to rev it'll need fuel as well as air so my thoughts above are just speculation.
Could it be a faulty electric throttle pedal ? ( assuming you have one .) Don't know how to test them
A ford which I briefly owned had one and stopped working one day , 5mph all the way back home because the engine wasn't getting the signals from the electric pedal
2001 1.9d DW8B  Berlingo
Had this on a petrol Ford Focus many years ago - was the throttle position sensor
Previous Berlingo: 2015 1.6 L1850 90ps In Artic Steel inc Look Pack and Lighting Pack.

Current Berlingo: K9 2018 Driver M 100ps in Platinum Grey with Safety Pack
Thanks all looks like I'd better get my overalls out then ....... will be a few days as my wife has taken the car away for a short break with grandchildren.

Too lazy to look at Haynes ..... is the new sensor an easy DIY set up or is it a garage job ?
If it's the pedal sensor, I think they are fairly straightforward, if a bit awkward, there will be pictures & part numbers on . The throttle valve / doseur is easy to get at. I wondered if it might be something to do with the airflow sensor or boost sensor which are also in the doseur assembly, mine was coated with a film of oil. There's also the MAF by the air filter but I think you'd see an EML if there was a problem with that.
Thanks, ^^^ I've not delved that deep yet.

I've no EML / fault codes flying around and other than the surge when dipping the clutch the car drives perfectly, nice even idle as well etc.

When I bought the car I changed the air filter as a matter of course and visually inspected the air flow meter which was clean and dry.

Wife is back by the weekend lets hope the rain goes away.
Great stuff i shall await return of wifey with anticipation i have developed the same problem with the revs not dropping also the rattling chinking fingy seems to be louder when ive got myy foot down no smoke yet tho ?....
(05-10-2019, 08:29 PM)lonsometossa Wrote:   the rattling chinking fingy
   ???  Sorry I've got my brain fade hat on you'll have to elaborate ???
Sorry what i meant to say was ...., as the van accelerates theres a metalic rattling sound which gets quieter as i work up the gears into fith , i can make it go quieter if i take foot off the gas when cruising but as soon as im back into 1st 2nd etc , it comes back someone said it coul;d be an injector, mmy concern isit safe to drive is it serious stuff and i should get looked at by someone who knows what they are doing ?...., ive also got the same problem you have with internal lights not working unless ignition is turned on ?

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