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Won't start after BSI relay repair
Hi there,

Recently got myself a 2003 Berlingo 1.6 Petrol. Good nick but the central locking wasn't working right - would lock, but not unlock. I figured the problem was a dead relay on the BSI "relay & connector" section. I decided to replace all three relays while I was at it, so ordered some replacements and had them soldered on by a local repair shop.

After connecting the BSI back up, the van started but struggled to do so - never done that before. I turned off the ignition and tried again: now, nothing. The electric systems turn on fine (windows/wipers etc.), but there's no sound when starting - no struggling starter, no rapid clicking etc. I can hear a relay in the BSI click on though. The check engine light is now on; it wasn't before.

Tried charging the battery as van had been sat for a while; no joy.

Tried BSI reset a couple times.

Checked fuses in BSI & ECU.

Checked fault codes with OBD scanner: P0261, P0264, P0267, P0270 ("Cylinder 1-4 Injector Circuits Low") & P0444 (Evaporative Emission System Purge Control Valve Circuit Open").

Normally I'd assume that it was the relay replacement was at fault - the soldering job wasn't brilliant. But that wouldn't explain why the van started initially, or why it struggled. Plus I can hear the BSI relay working. I've ordered a second hand relay/connector board to try swapping it out but it won't be here until next week.

Maybe the starter has gone and it's just a coincidence? Haynes manual has a guide for testing voltages at the solenoid, starter etc. but unhelpfully doesn't say where the bits are - I'm a practical guy but don't know much about cars!

Any suggestions much appreciated!

(on the plus side, at least the central locking works now Big Grin)
Just to finish up this story:

Established it was the starter after checking voltages on ignition. Starter replaced - a relatively easy job, as it turned out - and now seems to be running fine.

Fault codes remained on, but I cleared them this morning and they didn't reappear during a short drive.

So seems that control board repairs were not at fault - starter death just a coincidence? As for the fault codes - maybe they were just randomly thrown by an unhappy van? Will keep an eye.
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Glad you git it fixed. Thanks for the update, it's always good to know how things progress.
Yes always nice to get an update, I would have blamed the BSI as well. The problematic starting must have polished off the starter
Yeah, I kept talking myself in circles. In general if you mess with X and then Y breaks, it's reasonable to assume that messing X is the cause! But a damaged BSI wouldn't allow it start at all, or cause a starter to struggle. Repeated this conversation with myself for several days, and was terrified I was going to have to replace the BSI (+ hence ECU etc.) entirely !

Fault codes did not return on a ~300mi round trip so all seems well on that front.

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