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[Transmission] clutch cable
i had my clutch cable snap today. so i brought a new one from europart £45 had a mate mechanic fit it as im too old to be stuck under dash tryin to get the fitting though although i have a good pedel it seems very notchie going into gear .1st is the worse one.   any idears lads that might be causing that.
(03-10-2019, 06:59 PM)landcrab Wrote:  i had my clutch cable snap today. so i brought a new one from europart £45 had a mate mechanic fit it as im too old to be stuck under dash tryin to get the fitting though although i have a good pedel it seems very notchie going into gear .1st is the worse one.   any idears lads that might be causing that.

This problem has cropped up a few times on the 1.9d and i remember the only solution was to buy a genuine cable from Citroen only. Lighty may be able to confirm this and what engines this covers.
hi polar mine a 55 hdi 2.0 hdi.
(03-10-2019, 07:47 PM)landcrab Wrote:  hi polar mine a 55 hdi 2.0 hdi.

Hi Landcrab im not to sure then, we need someone to come along with first hand experience.
I think that Polar has a point about using genuine cables. I recently changed mine and ended up putting slotted penny washers at the gearbox end to take up the slack even though the automatic adjuster had come into play. Probably about 20 mm in total. Doing this helped with the gearchanging as the "biting point" became higher.
Excessive play was also evident at the pedal end, this resulting in a high pedal, around about 10mm higher than the brake pedal. This was giving me knee and hip pain and to resolve this I made and fitted a slotted nylon spacer onto the top of the clutch pedal lever to act as a spacer to bring the pedal down. in my case the spacer was 10mm thick above the lever, with the slot made to fit tightly.
So far this is working but as the clutch wears I'll likely have to add more washers at the gearbox end as the auto adjuster is already maxed out.

All this was a bit of a bodge but I just didn't fancy forking out for another cable or scrabbling around to fit it.

My theory is that unless the clutch operating arm at the gearbox is bent or the actual clutch pressure plate leaves are wearing, that the pattern cables are made too long for the auto adjuster to compensate for. My having to add spacers both ends reflect that the cables are effectively two cables, one each side of the adjuster.
04 2.0 hdi multispace desire
bikey thanks for the reply . as you said the biting is lower than it was before the cable snapped.i was thinking the same about fitting a spacer to bring the biting point up. i expect if it was played around with the auto ajuster might be able to be ajusted BUT it might over do it .so i think i will do as you and fit a spacer of some a shame as i had a good clutch bite point and driving it around today it has been winding me right up. THANKS.
Landcrab, on mine, I reckon the adjuster had expanded to it's limit anyway, in an attempt to take up the excessive inner cable length. They're spring loaded one way ratchety things that are initially compressed and locked in place by a collar that you release after fitting the cable in place. So then as the clutch wears it ratchets out a notch at a time to take the free play up by pushing the outer cable sheaths apart if you see what I mean:
----{ }----- to ----{ }-----

You can't really adjust them manually, they do their own thing once released. And they are a bit of a sod to recompress if refitting the cable after disconnecting it for any reason.

As I mentioned, if it's anything like mine, you probably will need to add to the spacer(s) as the clutch wears as the auto adjuster has already done all it can.

Just an afterthought, don't take all the play up at the gearbox end or you may cause clutch slip or cause the release bearing to wear. (Bit like driving while resting your foot on the clutch pedal.)
04 2.0 hdi multispace desire
hi bikey clutch has been fine (good biting point )up until the cable broke a couple of days ago the new one is a lot stiffer and biting point is abour 1 1/2 in of the floor..not enjoying driving it at the mo. i had a look earler but cant see anywhere were i could add a spacer. cheers.
Hi Landcrab, I put the spacers between the rubber buffer at the end of the outer cable and the bracket it locates into. I found that the rubber could be pulled away from the bracket by hand, taking up the play, this gave me an idea how long the spacer(s) needed to be.

I used some large washers from Wilcos, hacksawed slots,
positioned the slots downward then wound some tape round to keep them lined up and in place.
04 2.0 hdi multispace desire
hi bikey i spent hours last night on the internet looking for people with the same problem..and looking at old threads on this site . there was a chap that fitted a new cable and had the same problem,what he done was push the pedel to the floor and slipped his foot of it letting it fly up by itself .he said that it had fixed the problem..SO this morning i tryed it and whoopie it worked i suppose it kicked the self ajuster into working.i now have a good pedel with a normal biting point (not to high ) getting gears easy now. but the pedel it still hard to push but at least i can drive it easer now....tomorrow i was going to get some washers and try it your way.
bikey thanks very much for your help i do apriciate it. regards baz.
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