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Great resource for me in Ecuador
Hello Forum admins and users,
I am so happy to have found this forum, I have a 2004 1.9D.  Berlingos are not very common here, and the local mechanics don't have any idea how to adjust and maintain them.  Also parts are very scarce here in Ecuador, South America.
When I got mine, it had a non original injector pump on it.  With some detective work, I was able to obtain the original pump, a Delphi R8448B391C, but it didn't have the pulley sprocket, so I was able to get one from a breaker in UK, but found that it didn't have the axle mounting plates which allow for timing adjustment.  I was able to obtain the main plate, which mounts on the axle, but the other plate was noted as obsolete by UK Delphi parts store, so, I bought the first plate, and had it along with the pulley brought back to Ecuador by a friend who was visiting family in UK.  Then I had the second plate fabricated by a local lathe operator, and mounted the original pump on the vehicle, after having it checked on a bench by a diesel shop (They said it is good).
Now, I am still working on getting all the different connections to the injector pump connected, and having some questions, which I will post in a new thread in the forum.  If you know all about these connections, please look for my thread, and give me a hand.
I just love how the van drives, and it seems to be very economical on fuel.  I have a small craft brewery, and I plan to hijack the cabin air conditioning and put a new diffuser/evaporator in the cargo space, then build a waterproof insulated box in back, but that will come later, and if I have any questions, for sure I will be posting.
I have been reading about EGR, and I have blocked it.  I have been reading about the crankcase ventilation, and have diverted it and blocked the inlet to intake manifold.  I have cleaned the MAF sensor with carburetor cleaner, and am now looking at the idle thermostat cable connection to the injector pump, as well as the little electronic widget that sets directly on top of the injector pump...this has three wires coming out of it, and I can't find where they should be connected.
Thanks in advance to all of you for helping, and really appreciate the help you give to others.

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