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Boot Locking Mechanism
Hello all. 

I have recently bought a 2003 Hdi Berlingo. All is well apart from the boot locking system. 

It locks and unlocks with the key but the central locking will only unlock it. It won't lock with central locking.

If I disconnected the wired on the servo would I get any errors pop up on the dash such as "door open"?

Central locking on the tailgate isn't important to if I can solve the issue by taking the switch off then great. 

Welcome to the forum.
The easiest way to be sure would be to remove the door card from the tailgate and disconnect the central locking wiring. While you're in there, you may well find what's preventing it from locking. TBH I don't know how the car senses if the door is open, but the lights inside will come on if you open the tailgate with the car already unlocked & go out when you close the tailgate, so I'm guessing there are 2 sets of wires going to the lock.
When you take the door card off, be prepared for some of the clips to break in the process.
Thanks for replying and thanks for the welcome. 

I will just have to give it a go. Years of messing with vehicles has learned me to always keep a supply of various clips etc. Never removed a door card without breaking at least one!

I don't need a centrally locked boot so I will just try removing the wiring and see what the car has to moan about afterwards. 

It's not even a huge issue, just a bit of an annoyance having to walk to the back and lock the boot separately.
I had problems with my lock and the central locking.
The lock had seized and took very careful dismantling, shock heat treatment and reassembly to rectify. ( Had not used the key for years and only found out it was seized after I found tailgate wasn’t locking )
The central locking appears to work on a pulse solenoid flip flopping the mechanics and seemed to be rectified by use of WD40

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