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Help me choose please!
I'm in the market for a Berlingo.

I've seen two that I want to follow up on. My maximum budget is £2k.

First one is a 2003 1.9 diesel, supposedly only 31k on the clock, one owner from new.
So I've been reading a lot on here and also other reviews etc and most of them say out of all the Berlingos, the one to avoid is the 1.9 diesel.
I come from a 1.25 Zetec Fiesta so I'm not massively bothered about speed but the fiesta had a surprisingly good and high motorway cruising speed.
Is the 1.9 Blingo stupidly slow? Also is it economical? I've heard mixed reports.

Second choice is a 2002 1.6 petrol. It is described as exceptionally good condition inside and out, one lady owner from new but 85k on the clock.
This one is a hundred to 2 hundred cheaper.
It looks very good and I have heard better reviews of this engine but is the higher mileage too much for a petrol?

Incidentally, the interior of the 1.9d is much nicer and updated with nets and good stuff, the older one is a bit loud shall we say, which I'm not totally against but you know, less is more and all that....

Can anyone help me out on this? I'm trying to organise a test ride in each one this weekend.

EDIT: Oops, wrong forum section...sorry.
Hello, I'm in a similar position to you. Bear in mind I know nothing about cars but have done loads of research & had a lot of good advice on here. I've been advised that although the 1.9 is slower, there's less to go wrong with it, i think it can be dependable. I test drove the 1.9 forte & it overtook at 70 really comfortably uphill on a motorway, top speed 88. Be funny if we were eyeing up the same vehicles!! This one's older though and high mileage. have a look at the thread" Hello, New to Berlingos". People on there gave me some good tips on the 1.9. (and i asked in the wrong forum bit too) good luck. :wave:
The 1.9d is fine and they run and run. There are plenty about with over 200k on the clock, so that speaks volumes for it.

The only reason it may not be pick of the bunch is because the 2ltr HDI is quicker and way more economical.

I have a 2004 petrol model. Mine has done 85k similar to the one you are looking at and it doesn't seem in any way tired. I intend to run it for a few more years to come. I see no reason why it won't have bags left to give.

The mpg on the 1.9d and 1.6 petrol are virtually the same, which was my reasoning for getting the 1.6 as it had more power and poke according to the hp ratings.

That said, I think I'd be tempted by the 1.9d given it's so low mileage as for an older car that looks like it's hardly been run in!
I've got a 1.9D 2003, Berlingo van. I've fitted a 250 litre water tank in the back for purified water as I'm a window cleaner. Even with the tank full and with 2 or 3 extra 25litre containers in the back my 1.9D pulls perfectly well. Even though it's done high mileage (over 120,000) the engine never misses a beat mate...... Although it's a bit sluggish in lower gears you'll have no problems overtaking. Obviously there's exceptions to every rule, but if you opt for the 1.9D I do believe you'll have bought yourself a good vehicle...... Hope this helps dude. Smile
19 deisel on a 54 plate no complaints great car and had no probs with it with the power range town and motorway driving sounds like a great buy at that price for the mileage of it got mines about the same price range with 34 thou on the clock money well spent :O)
if the petrol and diesel return the same MPG, I'd be tempted to go petrol, as it's around 10p a litre cheaper.

But, the diesels do go on and on and on and on and on and on :p
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