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1.6 Blue HDi 100 Engine appear to be burning oil
I agree with JJ go straight to 5w40

You also have no evidence that the oil will be mainly burnt when cold - have you done a compression test as that is the only way you could think its a cold engine only burn problem.
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As far as I’m aware there was a compression test done when we had all the turbo problems about 20k ago. At that point there was nothing to worry them about the compression. That coupled with the oil in the inter cooler and the play in the turbo bearings lead them to change the turbo.

The weirdest thing for it now is it will burn oil intermittently??? It’s burning oil and then stops for ages then starts burning again. I had this similar issue with the old one when it was around half the Mileage of this one now the old one never burns oil. It’s the weirdest thing I was starting to think maybe an issue with PCV but that would lead to oil in the inter cooler again but that don’t look to be happening.
The only note of caution I'd add is that a Blue 100 engine will almost certainly have a DPF so you may need to find a correct spec mid-low SAP 5W/40 oil.
yes any oil would need to be low saps i would be very wary about using a mid saps because i want the DPF to last as long as possible currently the DPF stats look good and it is regenerating every 1023 km which is very very good. However the majority of my runs are longer distance of 20-30 miles minimum sometimes mixed with a few short journeys.

Im gonna need to have a good think about it and decide what i want to do. For me at the moment the burning issue is not enough for me to risk a change of oils. I understand that a lot of the contributors here feel its not a problem but i have spent 3.5K on this car the last 5 months and i cant afford to have another issue that might come of taking a stab at it. I would probably look at leaving it and seeing if the issue becomes worse to the extent where we may need to strip the engine to investigate before giving it a bash.

Ultimately at the moment they seem to think that 2.5-3 litres between services on the mileage it has is quite acceptable so i will just need to stop up on 0w30 lol. Added to the fact im bringing the services in to 10k from the 16k i think it will be manageable.
If the engine is burning excessive amounts of oil, it will block the dpf anyway.

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