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[Engine] P1625 Fault Code
Good Morning All,

My Berlingo (2013 1.6 HDI) has developed a fault over the last couple of mornings which I'm hoping someone might be able to help.

On cold mornings it starts absolutely fine, pulls away fine but after about 20 seconds driving it beeps, 'STOP' and Hazard warning light comes on along with 'ENGINE FAULT' on the display panel. As you stop the engine revs fine but as you pull away and get above 10 miles an hour it starts beeping again and feels like its missing. If i stop the car take the key out and restart all warning lights go away and the car drives for another 20 seconds then the same again. Once its done this 4 times it drives absolutely fine. If i use it later in the day it doesn't have this issue.

I have plugged in diag and fault code read was P1625 with the following information:

  • P1625 : ECU
    Characterisation : Software redundancy error. Calculation error detected
    Status : Temporary fault.
    Location : local .
    Variables associated with the fault
    • engine coolant temperature : 021 °C
    • Engine speed : 1584 Rpm
    • Pressure in the rail : 0404 bar
    • Turbocharging pressure : 1200 mBar
    • vehicle speed : 039 kph
    • Inlet air temperature : -005 °C
    • atmospheric pressure : 1000 mBar
    • battery voltage : 14.20 V
    • Vehicle mileage when the fault appeared : 271825 Km
    • Status of engine : Pedal pressed 
    • Main relay status : Active 
    • Status of the power relay : Active 
    • Positive ignition on status : ignition positive ON 
    • Regulated 5V voltage N°1 : voltage incorrect 
    • Regulated 5V voltage N°2 : voltage incorrect 
    • Regulated 5V voltage N°3 : voltage incorrect 
    • Minimum voltage of the battery during starting : 08.2 V
Any help would be greatly appreciated  Smile
I'm not sure what the fault code relates to but with things like a misfire I would start with cheap things like the crank sensor and then the cam sensor, they are notorious for going wrong.
Hmm this is the puzzling : Regulated 5V voltage N°1 : voltage incorrect 

ECU needs 5 volts to operate correctly....

Maybe it is not getting all info from sensors, but again if one sensor is bad
it will be shown in diagbox .... 

Best regards,
The fault status 'temporary' and the fact that it goes after a few tries suggests that you may have a dry or loose electrical joint somewhere. Perhaps at the ECU or BSI connector plugs. You could wiggle the plugs, or remove & re-seat them. The plugs can get brittle after a while, so maybe the wiggle first?

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