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Solved at last! - Passenger footwell swimming pool
Since this summer Ive been plaqued by water in the footwell.  Van had sat dormant a good couple of weeks or more as needed a new clutch (but thats ANOTHER story....£800!! - including MOT and whatever other work they just 'decided' to do for me, unannounced)

I asked two garages (£300 service) then the MOT/Clutch guys, to take a look... they just can't be bothered can they!

AFTER clutch was fixed heater fan packed up. (All settings)  Never figured it would possibly be linked til yesterday....

OK. I figured that it was the fact there is a small gap between rubber and windscreen on extreme right of the scuttle panel. Have been putting cloths over it overnight. Sorted! Til I get a replacement, better fitting, set of panels.
Then - it rained A LOT, friday night....passenger footwell - 2 inches!! D'oh!!

No trace of water towards the back of footwell to suggest dropping DOWN from above. BUT...because I have removed the motor for heater, I spotted a wet dribble....

Opened up scuttle panels on bonnet. Shoved hand in the gulley below windscreen. Full on swimming pool for insects! What a joy for them. Shallow pools, deep ends and diving boards. Not so great for me though. LOADS of water. I scooshed it across to my right.  Voila! - Water poured into the footwell.

Removed the wiper linkage and motor (takes a good bit of maneouvering - I looped my fingers under the cables and pulled them up first to make it easier for the obstructive plug to come out with the motor)

Now - you have good access to the gulley and can view the air intake duct (where the water just drops through.)

I pushed my hand as far to the right and down, as I could. Felt a gungey hole (!!) and scooped out a load of mud and debris. Whooosh  - water just poured out and away!!!

My suspicion is that my packed in fan motor ISN'T '99% its the resistor'  As when I tested the plug and got some signal, I tried just spinning the fan round by hand (with it on setting 4) and it whirred into action. All other 3 settings wouldn't work. BUT on setting 4 - smoke started coming out of the motor itself. I suspect the water from above has basically dripped into and damaged/corroded the motor itself.  More on that when I get a replacement.  Hope this helps someone. What a ballache to have to remove wiper motor to clear that drain out though!!!!

Pics - Looking up through where the fan motor was - to the left is the flap covering air intake (water intake!!!) duct
- Gap between scuttle rubber and w/screen I originally suspected was cause
- The cleared out hole behind, down, to the right of wiper motor
- depth of water in the gulley!!!
- The removed wiper motor to allow access to said drainage hole

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Well done!
Good write up with pics , i'm sure it will help a few . Cool
                                     Smile  It's too orangey for crow's It's just for me and my dog  Smile

                                                        Heart Heart Love a lot trust a few  Dodgy

Quick update. As I suspected - heater fan HAD packed in completely (probably from the water ingress into the motor)
Swapped it over from a scrap yard one... Level 4 only. Changed the resistor and...all 4 settings work now!! So heat at last and no rain leaks no more (fingers crossed)
Hmm, I'll have to take a look at mine - no swimming pool, but definitely get a damp footwell in winter. Thanks for the writeup!


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