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Fuel consumption
Ah, that’s interesting. Yes, I’ll double check when I fill up and do the calculation then, based on the actual mileage and the amount of fuel the tank takes.
Checkout Fuelly if you want to go web based - tends to be USA biased on vehicles like our Mini but is better for Pug/Citroen models e.g.
Hmm, makes the trip computer on my 3 previous Berlingos seem optimistic to say the least.
Right, I’ve just filled the tank up from empty: I achieved 54.5 mpg Over the last 600 miles. But the computer claims 57.6 mpg, so it’s a bit over-optimistic!
(12-11-2019, 06:02 PM)GraemeT Wrote:  Checkout Fuelly if you want to go web based - tends to be USA biased on vehicles like our Mini but is better for Pug/Citroen models e.g.

According this site my 
6.5L/100km is quite reasonable!
To everyone getting 50MPG, wow!
That must be a great feeling.
I try to throw it in 5th gear as soon as i hit 60kmph.
I do get stuck in peak hour traffic around 4:30PM pretty much everyday, which is sometimes bumper to bumper traffic so i can see where my fuel economy is getting affected.
Whats generally the best speed to be doing to get the best economy?
I always thought it was around 80/90kilometres per hour in 5th gear?

I kinda wish they added a 6th gear in the 2nd gen models Sad
Which engine do you have?

I have the venerable 1.4i TU3JP4.
I can push it to 80Km/H in second gear, when I'm freaking out boy racers, but yeah that kills fuel consumption.
Generally, if you drive further than 5 meters in 1st gear, you're doing it wrong.
I'm in 3rd by the time I hit 30 in slow traffic, and 4th happens sometime before 50Km/h. th gear is cruise at speeds of 60Km/h or higher on flat road. I may need to shift down in uphills.
Accellerating from 60 in 5th gear is slooow, but can be done. No reason to do that, though.

I believe the best economy happens at 70Km/h in 5th gear. (somewhere above 2K RPM )
By the time I hit 80, I'm closer to 3K RPM.
At 90. It's getting noisy, and at 100 passengers start looking at the speedo. In 110, my knuckles turn white.

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