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[Engine] Stop solinoid on 1.9diesel DW8

High all after spending weeks and  lots of money on drill bits hireing a right angled derill and in the end buying a new Dremill tool.  I finally managed to get to the stop solinoid. 

I thought I had cracked it. Only to discover when I took off the holding dome over the old stop (fuel) solinoid, that it has three wires comming from the wire loom.  

The replacment solinoid (ebay) I bought has only one wire.

I have been told that two of the wires are to do with the immobiliser.
I am not bothered about the immobiliser working.

So is it just the case of turning on the ignition, placing the body of the solinoid onto the engine (to earth) then conecting the one wire of the solinoid to each of the three wires in turn to see which one makes the plunger (on solinnoid) pull in? But judging by the effort I have allready been through I dought weather it will be that simple.

Could any one who has gone through this experience let be know where to connect the wire?

P.S. I am nearly sixty years of age and not fantastic with computers (and new to this sight)  So I might need some guidence on how one finds the answer to the question I have asked.

Am more then welcome if anyone wishes to emnail me on (deleted ) of phone me on (deleted)  Any help would be much appreciated.  Many thanks from S. Thomas.
Hi Gamble
Its not a good idea for phone numbers etc to be shown on an open forum . If members want to contact you its better if they use the PM (private message) or an open answer on the forum . That way its between you and them and not the whole world that can phone/email  you with special offers ?????
Ive deleted your phone number and email address.

If you don't want that then repost your details and I wont alter them .
2001 1.9d DW8B  Berlingo
hi Gamble ,
The ideal thing would be replace like with like,  then  there shouldn't be any bother.

The DW8 and the DW8B have different controls over fuel. The DW8 has old school controls (wires and Cables) and the DW8B has electronic controls . (engine code WJZ =dw8, WJY = dw8B)
You may have a solenoid for the DW8 or a XUD engine,  when your engine is the DW8B, If that is the case then I don't think your solenoid/fuel systems  will work properly. You may need them wires, that would be redundant,  sending the right signals for the fuel systems to work properly. 

Why did you want to change it ?.
2001 1.9d DW8B  Berlingo

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