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Immobiliser PIN
This is turning into a bit of a saga with our key. IS there any way to get hold of the immobiliser PIN needed to program a new key. We don't have the white key card that came with the vehicle, as per my other thread the none remote key won't unlock the drivers door anymore but starts it no problem so we ordered a new remote key supplying the VIN. It stated in the advert that the key would be supplied with the key number and the PIN but although the key number was on the packet there is no sign of the PIN number and they are now closed for the weekend.

Is there any way we can get the immobiliser PIN from Diagbox and the working key?
No, you cannot get the immo code from diagbox.
I have a device that can extract it from the BSI, it’s generally very good.
The best wat to get yourself some keys is to bite the bullet & pay an auto locksmith to make some for you.
I reckon you should get 2 plip keys for about £150.
These guys have all the keys, chips & boards to get you going on the spot.
It can be tricky to sort yourself .
I've done it with the Berlingo in the past but I had the key card for that one. state they PIN code will be supplied with the key but never sent it. All we did was upload the V5 document and they managed to cut a key from that and send us the key number for it.

This is what we ordered, it states that they will send the PIN code out with the key. (its near the bottom under "keys cut to VIN")

Are they able to extract the PIN code from the VIN or have we been had over?

I wouldn't mind but I cant even program the lock/unlock buttons to work, its not the end of the world if it doesn't start it.
Not sure why you haven’t received the immo code if they promised it.
However we found it increasingly difficult to get these codes a while ago, seems that Psa have tightened up security & don’t release them easily anymore,
Our device extracts the immo from the BSI , so doesn’t need help from anyone.
This is similar to the unit I have, a bit expensive for the private owner, but I have used mine half a dozen times on pretty much all models & it works well. Doesn’t seem to like Pug 206,s for some reason.
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Ok cheers Mark. I will see if they can get the code or not, nex step is main dealer, if not I'll have to pay you a visit, you are about 90 miles from me.

I have fixed the door barrel today though, sort of. The ring that turns the ball socket thing on the end of the lock had snapped in half so I drilled a small hole through the end of the ball socket bit and lock spindle (near the circlip) with a 2.5mm bit and pinned the two together with a bit of wire coat hanger.
The remote lock / unlock is a separate function from the immobiliser & there's a separate procedure for synchronising that function on the M59, maybe different on the B9.
I've used Car Keys Online before and had really good service from them so don't lose hope just yet. I read the text from their ad and it's clear that they say they'll supply the PIN
"For keys cut to VIN we cut the key to your VIN and supply you with the key code and immobiliser PIN required for programming"
So if they don't do that, you have the grounds for a case against them on eBay. Based on the info you gave them, they should be able to get the PIN, but as Mark says, maybe PSA are holding out these days. My '08 M59 came with the white card & but I wasn't sure what the PIN was from looking at the card so I went to my local dealer. They told me that there were 2 ways to get the PIN, First they could get me a new white card, or they could just get me the PIN , just the PIN was was cheaper. I'm guessing that as they could just get the PIN, so can Car Keys Online.
Maybe its just an oversight on their part but I didn't know they had an ebay store, I purchased the key direct from the website with a debit card, fair does it turned up in 2 days and does open the locks with the blades.

There is another thread on here from me a while back discussing how to order a new key for our Berlingo and program it with the pin code but I had the white key card for that one and everything was simple enough for that one, the pin was just the last four numbers/letters in the bottom code from what I can remember. I used carkeysonline for that key as well, got it cut from the key number.

I wouldn't mind but I paid the extra £30 on top so I could get the numbers from them instead of traipsing round dealers trying to get it, if I got the numbers from the dealer I just needed to buy the basic key. Just shows though why its important to keep every bit of information even if you don't know what it for, somewhere along the lines some empty head has thrown the white card away because he or she was oblivious of what its for.
Managed to get the immobiliser code from Citroen today in the end, cost me £42 though, used diagbox to program it and its all working fine now.

carkeysonline haven't responded to the email I sent them on Saturday and they won't answer the phone either, just want you to leave a voice mail and they say they will get back in touch, just like emails obviously.

So carkeysonline are on my shitlist now of places to avoid, and I'm going to try and get a visa chargeback for the cost of the key as it isn't as described.
I got a key code card with my M59 but not with my '15 B9.Should I have had one?
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