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2019 Curtain/Blackout Blind updates
Sorry to bring this up again but as most of the threads about this subject are getting old now I thought I'd start a new one for 2019 to see what folks are using as curtains or blackout blinds. And to see if there are any new products out there?

I made my own blinds from heavy-duty Black canvas,  silver insulation stuff and suction cups for my 2011 Tepee Outdoor. I used this video as a guide
They work well enough with the tinted windows but there is still too much light leak for my liking, from the outside you can tell the lights are on but you do have to be stood near the car. 
The hardest window to do is the sliding door pop-out windows, but I may have a solution for that. The other 2 side windows where very easy as was the rear, I use magnets to hold that one in place.

I was looking at these and wondered if anyone has personal experience with these, do they fit the windows well, well enough for no light leaks?

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