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Cooling fan constantly running
The fan on my 2016 Berlingo runs all the time it is being driven, and continues to run on for 10 minutes after i turn off the ignition (i have timed it!) even if the engine has only run for a couple of minutes (so not long enough to get warm).

The thermostat has been replaced which my mechanic swore would fix the problem.

It’s had a couple of good runs down the motorway this week in case it was a dpf regen issue. 

Can anyone point me in the direction we can go next with this?

Sorry if this is a bit basic i’m most definitely a novice

Is the aircon switched on?
What temp does the gauge show?

Welcome BTW!
(14-12-2019, 12:15 PM)cancunia Wrote:  Is the aircon switched on?
What temp does the gauge show?

Welcome BTW!

Thankyou for the welcome!

The air con is not switched on

The gauge goes up to the halfway mark. But even if the engine is completely cold (i tried it last night by turning it on from cold, running it for around 1 minute, then switching it off) the fan still runs for 10 minutes which is what is making me feel that it isn’t normal?

I am a new Berlingo owner (and this is my first van!) so not sure what i am dealing with. 

I have a warranty but would like to be pre-armed with some info before i go back to the dealer on Monday
It does not sound normal. The aircon will start the fan straight away and may run on afterwards, but if the aircon is off, it's not that. The regen will probably do something similar, but as you've been for a run on the motorway that should be enough.
Hopefully some others will chip in.
It may need a forced regen or it could be a temperature sensor?

Im more inclined to say forced regen as you say it keeps running when the engine is turned off.
Polat makes a good point. Probably best to get a proper diagnostic reading from the official Diagbox software. Indie garages as well as main dealers will have access to it.
Hi Thankyou for your replies.

It has been for a couple of good motorway runs so it should be up to date with the regens i think?

They plugged it into a laptop and it said that the engine was constantly overheating which is why they replaced the thermostat and sensor but it is still doing it.

I spoke to the garage yesterday and he thinks it may be a faulty thermocouple (?) but he’s going to do a bit of research.

Thankyou again

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