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Help with multiple codes

I am looking for some help advice on this forum please
I have a Berlingo 2008 3rd Gen 1.6hdi 75bhp 100k miles
New timing belt, water pump done 5k miles ago by Citreon

I started my van with a struggle on getting it started on a very cold  morning and the time and date reset also which has happened again the date and time part only
My thinking is battery on way out 

So decided to plug in code reader a few days later
P1351 other

P0409 generic
Exhaust Gas
Sensor A Circuit

Exhaust Gas
Recirculation Flow

Exhaust Gas
Control Circuit A


These have come up twice saying the same thing 
P1351 P0409 P0401
Total 8 codes including the repeated ones that come up twice

Any idea, help with this, idea of cost would be appreciated.
I am thinking main dealer but don't want to walk into getting things fixed and the problem is still there goi g from one thing to the next.

If the battery is failing and the voltage is dropping low enough for the clock to reset you need to get that sorted as a matter of urgency.

You can get all sorts of codes flashing up when the battery voltage drops below a certain level, you may find that the codes vanish once you have a good battery.

My vehicle .... 2006 (m59) Berlingo Multispace Desire - 1.6 HDI 92 
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As jj9 says get the battery tested or swap a decent battery and see if it starts. A flat battery will throw up all sorts of codes and don't forget to turn everything off including ignition before disconnecting the battery.
Are we there yet????? Huh
Ex 1.6hdi van now 3 seater 1.4 multispace
Hi thanks for the replys

I have booked in battery test at Kwik fit, if it fails
My options will be let Kwik fit complete the work although Costco do bosh battery at a good price
If I do it my self keep the keys out of the ignition
Disconnect the terminals and connect to new battery
Other than that would there be any programming or is it as easy as that.

Will then take for a run and check codes after and get back with results.
There shouldn't be any programming to do other than the radio stations saved in the radio memory and you may have to reset the electric windows if you have them as they often only move in short bursts after the battery has been off.
(Close the window fully then press the switch to close the window and hold for 5 seconds to reset them)

You can get a battery saver that you plug into the OBD port where the code reader goes that saves the radio / windows memory.

Some battery's are quite tricky to access as you can see in the video below.

My vehicle .... 2006 (m59) Berlingo Multispace Desire - 1.6 HDI 92 
From the first post, it does sound like a flat battery. Best practice is to allow the car to 'sleep' before taking the old battery out. Take out the keys, pop the bonnet catch & close all doors, then leave it for 5 mins before disconnecting. The 5 minute wait will allow all of the car systems to shut down.
Changing the battery is a fairly straightforward job, so if you can get a good make at a good price, I'd suggest a DIY. IIRC you'll need a 10mm socket for the battery clamp & an 8mm spanner for the negative terminal.
Thanks for the posts, info, video

With that info think I will after confirmation of battery give it a go myself, and fingers crossed the codes disappear

Will update once battery looked into

The Battery was completely flat so I have changed it now was easy to do and it now starts over much better.
I then erased all fault codes I have taken on a few trips and the codes are back.
Any idea what best to do also what I am expecting cost wise, it also seems to be running ok as it was before, but thinking it might be best to be prepared incase the cost could be too big.

Any information would be great
P1351 is related to the glowplugs - have a read

I have a similar (BMW) code on the Mini due to a sh*gged set of glowplugs and have lived with it for 14 months - cold starting is fine and whilst I'm sure there's an mpg penalty when warming upon a cold day we're not fixing it as inspection has shown we have two 'sawn off' glowplugs in the block where somebody has previously tried to pull the plugs and snapped the tips off in the block. Thin probe down into the 'hole' brings back ceramic dust so the tips are still there (so far!).

Oops - digressing - The other are EGR valve or it's plug. You could try disconnecting the plug and giving it a shot of contact cleaner. As to the valve  - if it's failing then it will eventually throw an EML but if it's not done so yet then it's just telling you that it's having a bit of a poorly - plenty of stuff on the forum about them - you can try taking it off and cleaning it or just fit a new one. Fairly easy if you are double jointed and have an 8mm socket handy.

Costs? If you want to do something about the glowplugs then they're £3 - £30 each depending if you want posh Bosch or cheap Chinese, secondhand relay about £15, new £30 - £50. New EGR maybe £60 for Chinese stuff (I fitted one to the Berlingo and it was OK), £120 for a Valeo OEM - more if you're not picky. Glowplugs can be a PITA to sort out so if your paying for a mechanic's time it may well outstrip the parts by £££, EGR is fiddly but not that inaccessible so maybe a hour tops.

Our cars  2008 1.6  92 Berlingo (His) RIP 2019
              2008 1.6  110 Mini (Hers)
              2008 1.4  70 207 (Sprogs) RIP 2019
              2010 2.5 Subaru Outback (His)
Hi thanks for the great info, I have a good picture now how to proceed appreciate everyone's advice & help will try these next steps out

Thanks again

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