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2005 2.0 Hdi Headlight bulb replacement
N/S main beam not working. Thought changing bulb would be 5 minute task but it took much longer. This is what I did - not rocket science but may save someone some time.

On the back of each Headlight Unit (HU) is a circular cover. On N/S this is very close to engine bay fuse-box so access to the N/S cover is very difficult. Although there were no problems with the O/S lights, I removed the O/S cover, which only took a few seconds as there is easy access. This allowed me to see how the cover is attached to the HU. The cover has 4 lugs on the inside which engage with the HU and tighten when the cover is turned a further 10 degrees or so. After noting how the bulb is held in place by a spring clip, I replaced the O/S cover. Both covers have 6 external lugs which can be gripped when removing or re-fitting

To improve access to the N/S cover I removed the air intake pipe; this only required the removal of one 10 mm nut from the front cross-member. I also removed the electrical connection to the HU (by gently sliding back the red clip) and 'parked' it between the fuse-box and the wing. This gave me room to reach some of the lugs on the back of the cover but my fingers were not strong enough to turn it. I eventually turned it by pulling on the bottom lug with a hook (I used a tent peg extractor) and pushing on the top lug with a toothbrush handle. Although the cover was now freed-off, I could not remove it as I needed some clearance to move it back so that its lip would be clear of the H/U. Unfortunately, a section of the wiring loom is routed through the gap between the HU cover and the fusebox, and is as wide as the gap so there is no clearance for withdrawing the cover. The wiring loom at this location has little flexibility and I was worried that I might cause damage if I pushed it clear. Instead, I removed 2 of the 3 screws that secure the HU; one of these is readily accessible in the engine bay; access to the second one entails removal of the grille (in my case a simple task, requiring only the removal of 4 screws that attach it to the front cross-member, and then gently easing it out of the 3 plastic lugs, taking care to slide the bonnet catch handle to the open position so it is not obstructing the grille). With 2 of the 3 screws removed, there was enough play to ease the HU forward by a few millimetres which allowed the back cover to slide past the HU. Replacing the bulb and holding it in place with the spring clip was straightforward. Before re-fitting I applied a smidgen of Vaseline to the inner lugs and rim of the HU cover. I offered up the cover into place but did not turn it to engage the lugs until I had replaced the 2 screws securing the HU. It had required considerable force to undo the cover and I feared that similar force when tightening it might damage the HU fixing if it was only held by the one remaining screw. In fact, maybe because of the Vaseline, it was much easier to tighten the cover. Thereafter, re-fitting the grille, the HU electrical connection and the air intake only took a few moments.

I am sorry for being unable to make this briefer. I hope it saves someone more time than the time it takes to read !

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