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Berlingo not starting
Hello everyone. I have a 2008 berlingo 1.6hdi van which died on my gf yesterday going to work. Been running fine up u till then. She said the fuel light came on when she was driving home for lunch then when she went back to work it died on her at a junction so she free wheeled across the road and parked it up. She tried to start it and it turned over but wouldn’t start. So I went down to the van later on that day and turned it over and it started with me for about 5 seconds and stopped again. I tried again but no joy so had it towed home. I tried adding more fuel I cause it was just to low and checked the flow diesel line and fuel comes out of this when I turn it over so wondering if its got a airlock possibly? I did put new injector seal in it about 2 months ago and has been run every day since with no problems so slightly confused as to why it’s died. Anyone have any ideas?
You need to get rid of air in fuel lines.

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My 03 Berlingo used to splutter and die when i got it first so changed fuel filter and full was still doing the same afterwards but was worse when tank was low..eventually i droped the diesel tank and the screen which was part of the gauge was completely gunked up...cleaned it out and she ran sweet for the 11 years i had it..
first thing id do is change your fuel filter though and prime the life out of it...
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^^^^ Yes use the manual primer ( bulb or plunger type ) and squeeze / push until firm - turning the engine doesn't prime the system or get rid of the air.

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