[Engine] Engine Swap.
Hi, new to the forum :wave:...and i am looking for a bit of help.

Ok so i have bought a berlingo that had a dw8b engine originally in the van (one with timing solenoid on the pump) and it has been swapped for a dw8 engine (normal mechanical pump setup)(lucas btw)...it is using the original dw8b engine wiring loom.

Now come the problems, the previous owner said that he couldnt get the engine to start to he put the fuel shut of solenoid of the dw8b engine into the dw8 engine to start it and that worked, but it wont drive right and when you rev it up it sounds as if it is going to die out, afaik it is using the dw8b gearbox aswell.

Does anyone have any suggestions to help me out?...thanks Big Grin
Also forgot to ask is there any common fault with primer 'button' on these beside the filter housing...it is squirting out diesel when been pushed.
Hi Dandy.
Welcome to forum.

Please, explain us what does it mean:
"and when you rev it up it sounds as if it is going to die out"

I mean when I rev it up it doesnt rev out fully/very dead.

I was wondering if the fuel stop solenoids were the same in both pumps? Cause maybe the dw8b solenoid that is now in the other pump isn't opening enough to let the fuel through?

I don't think the ecu can affect the running of it cause it is now a mechanical controlled engine. Am I thinking right here?
Ok so i was at this today...and a disconnected the egr vaccum pipe(one coming from the wee reserve tank)...and plugged it the van was still no different...Then i completely disconnected the egr and took of the steel pipe that is coming from the exhaust manifold and goes into the egr and that was it it was revving freely and seems to to going right now....as a quick experiment and put a plug into this steel pipe it wasnt an exact seal as exhaust smoke was leaking by the plug until the plug fell of lol but with its short time been in it seemed to go back to before ie not revving properly?...why would it be doing this?..cause it doesnt really make sense to me?...unless my exhaust is blocked?...any suggestions would be good Smile...cheers.

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