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New Berlingo owner some questions
Hi all!

Just bought a mk1 Berlingo and loving the space! I do have a few questions though so please bear with me.

Only have one key with no remote assuming this has an immobiliser how do I go about getting a second key and remote?

Coolant temp seems to fluctuate on a long drive is this normal stays on the quarter mark which I thought was a bit low?

Tyres are 175/65/14 can I squeeze any other size on like 195 as they are cheaper! :lol:

Roof racks, any recommendation ? Imam looking at some on eBay going for 70 notes which are the 3 bar set up.

Many thanks in advance! :thumbsup:
Welcome to the site, see what i can help with.

1) Get a transponder key, then get that cut and coded. E.g This key

2) Have you checked the coolant level? Could be your thermostat that is the culprit, since that is responsible for keeping the engine temp constant.

3) --

4) Plenty of roof rack chat on here to get you started Confusedanta:
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Hi Neds.
Welcome to forum.
I can only answer about keys and temp.

Keys, immos - this is a dealers business. It costs not so much. Go to nearest dealer and order new keys.
The second problem: may be you have faulty thermostate or the problem can be in a measuring equipment (gauge or thermo-resistor). To sort it out you can connect Lexia to diagnostic socket and localize a problem.
PS. Lexia for Citroens is the same as Renault Clip.
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Thanks guys I think I might have a spare blank from my xsara days so can I get this cut at a key shop or do you have to go to the stealers?

This Lexie thing is this the odb2 port?as I have an obd reader...

Lexia is the software supplied/used by Citroen (the Peugeot equivalent is Planet). This includes but goes way beyond a code reader function.

Could try your reader and see what you get, but Lexia identifies individual units rather than a function.

The OBD socket is to the lower right of the steering wheel. Pull off the large trim panel and you will see it.
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Just realised from reading this post that my Berlingo has a transponder key, didn't even realise it had an alarm on it.
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Thanks again. Just had a look on lexia seem bit pricey. I will try the obd reader I have now is it the standard obd2 socket like all other cars?

I'm assuming you can't code keys with this lexia then and it's just Dings tool?

Hehe so many questions, the most thing I am getting excited about is a decent roof rack. Anyone tried carrying sheet materials on the berlingo? 8x4 sheets of ply or plasterboard?
Yes, the socket is a standard one.

Lexia does much more than diagnostics. As for key coding with it, I tend to think not - but I don't know, I've never seen the two mentioned together
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Thanks guys. I was looking at these roof racks on eBay anyone got them?

[url=Thanks guys. I was looking at these roof racks on eBay anyone got them? ]eBay roof rack[/url]

99.9% on his feedback over a couple of thousand transactions and a 3 year guarantee on the bars would seem to suggest that he's OK. :thumbsup:
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