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Coil over clarity for 2015 van
I have fitted my new 17” wheels to my 2015 mk2 and obviously it needs lowering now.
I’ve searched on here and elsewhere and am just looking for clarity on fitment of coilovers.
From what I can gather,I need the c4 coilover kit.
The fronts are straight swap but on the rear it seems I will fit the adjustable seats with supplied springs but leave my standard rear shock absorbers on as the c4 kit comes with shocks that are too long.
Is this the case?
I could go for lowering springs only but I can only find 40/20mm drop maximum and I would like more.
If anyone has done this fit your advice will be greatly appreciated.
This is what it’s sat like as standard.

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Hi mate. Nice van, near identical to mine...I'm on the same path so yeah your spot on as far as I can find out, the last person to do the C4 kit route was a guy called creith34 so look for his build thread, it's a cracking van he's got. Not seen him on for a while.

He ended up putting an air ride kit on, which I've seen online for crazy money. But before that he had the C4 coil overs and was looking for shortened shocks for the rear as the springs fell out when it was jacked up with standard shocks fitted.

I don't know why, with such a popular motor, there isn't a dedicated kit for the Berlingo.

Have you seen a kit anywhere that has adjustable spring perches to stop the springs dropping out? I have to agree a lowering spring kit with 40/20 mm drop would hardly be noticeable on the van. The gap between the tyre and arch lip is huge.

Edit: here it is
My Van: 2012 B9 1.6 HDi Enterprise 
Here is JCs (Jonathan Creith's) van. It's a cracker but lots of money spent.

Btw, I found a site in Germany who make to order for under £400 by the look of it:

Worth an email, no?
My Van: 2012 B9 1.6 HDi Enterprise 
I’m still digging around to see if I can find anything.
I can see that the 308 front springs look like they will fit and I can get them in a 45mm drop.
The rears are still the problem though.
The Berlingo has only 1 tapered end on the spring and the c4/307 has 2 tapers.
The c5 and 407 have a single taper but are too narrow on the diameter and too strong for the van.
I’ll keep looking,plenty of time on my hands at the moment ☹️
Looks tapered at both ends to me mate?

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My Van: 2012 B9 1.6 HDi Enterprise 
Would be nice if they were tapered both ends.
I’m not able to get to my van at the minute as it’s locked up at workshop.
These are the same year though.

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They do look different huh. The one I posted is Jonathan Creiths van with the lowered spring kit for the C4 fitted (think that's what the red spring is) and so the bottom perch can take 2 spring end diameters, as you look at the ones you posted, there are 2 steps on the bottom perch.
My Van: 2012 B9 1.6 HDi Enterprise 
Ok,this is where I’m at,
Got lads at work to send me a picture of my rear spring and it’s definitely tapered at the top and wide bottom.
I then found that the 5008 rears are the same single taper but the fronts are different again.
Then,like above,I thought about the bottom spring perch and found a picture of a bare rear beam.
The beam is actually pressed to accept the double tapered springs.
I’ve just bought a set of rear springs from a 307 with 60mm drop to try.
Here are some pictures

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