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2.0 Hdi not starting
Hello everyone

My brother has an 04 plate MPV 2.0 Hdi

In recent months it has developed a problem of intermittently not starting mainly in the morning, always when its colder weather.

Have read loads of threads on non starting, most suggesting starter motor is a big issue.

I have gambled and bought a heavy duty motor from ebay today as he needs his car for his job.

Any thoughts on next steps if motor does not resolve the issue??

Diesel supply, a new filter was fitted as part of a service and has made no difference to starting issue.

I have noticed when it doesn't start the priming bulb is solid, when the engines is running it can be pressed by hand quite easily.

My thinking is if injectors have not opened and pressure will increase hence solid priming bulb, reverse when running.

i read in a thread, engine has to do 200 rpm, fuel pressure had to be 200 bar, can these be proven???

Thanks in advance for any responses.

Regards Michael
Crank position sensor by the looks of it. Would give that a try if failing as by your evidence could be an injector fault.Not unheard of for a DW10 HDI enigne.
Hello everyone

Good news to report.

Today the 2.0 hdi would not start.

Turning over ok but not firing.

Fitted up rated starter motor, 2.2kw & 13 teeth on drive gear, bought on ebay £60.

It fired up straight away after fitting new motor.

So, not starting, one thing changed and starting, i feel is conclusive.

If anyone wants details on motor pm me.

Regards Michael

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