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2007 1.6HDi Salon backseat top storage-boxes?
Hi, I'm new to this forum..

I have a 2007 Multispace Berlingo 1.6HD or HDi.. 80Kw, and I was wondering if it is possible to replace both of the storage-boxes in the back seat on top, im not sure if they are named glove boxes instead, but either way the hinges wore off on the doors in time, and broke off in time, probably due to being outside in the sun heating the salon.. Is it possible to replace them or are there any tips of how to remove them with the best method?

I've added an example image of what I am speaking of:

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I'm sure it could be replaced if you can find a new full unit, not a small job though I expect.

People often replace broken hinges using zip ties as new hinges. Crude, but effective.
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Hi, welcome to the forum.

What you have is called a 'modutop', the hinges often break. There are some threads on here about repairing / replacing the hinges.
Hello, thank you for your replies, I've checked out the forum by searching the whole M59 for modutop, but ended up as Zion mentioned, by replacing the whole full unit, but its possible to replace the doors separate as well, it's just glued onto the modutop with special factory glue that does not come off easily..
either way, are there any step-by-step videos out there of how to disassemble the whole modutop?
On my first M59, the Modutop panels squeaked. I took the whole modutop out and rebuilt the panels with silicone sealer to stop them moving. It was easy enough to get the whole thing out, it's held in with torx head screws at various points. The only thing I remember that was a bit tricky was the electrical connectors, one at the front by the light & one at the back by the heater / blower. The heater / blower has a cover by the shelf that can be removed to get access to the connector.
Thank you so much for sharing this piece of info!
At the moment I'm stuck between the idea of removing the cover doors separate, not sure even if it is adhesive there... the bad part about it is, even if I would have added heat with a heat gun.. the plastic would melt... so the only logical way to do it.. would be the whole modutop..
If anyone else have any bright ideas, you are welcomed to offer Smile, but for now, I guess I will start slowly searching for a donor modutop
2017 B9 1.6 BlueHDi Van
2012 B9 1.6 HDi Van
2008 M59 1.6 HDi Van
2003 M59 1.9D Van
I've already seen this video, but its so hard to understand what he is doing there.. Big Grin

It seems to me like he is taking apart the back of the car.. or is it a different type of a storage box..

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