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Which ECU?
I've been looking into remaps today, and found a bit of an issue.

According to my VIN, I have a 9HN 55KW / 75hp engine, and so CatCar says the engine is a DV6ETED4 8V 1.6 HDi. All other lists I find do not mention the 9HN except as a C4 or C3 engine and not under the Berlingo model list. 

Anyway, that aside, when I check they list a BlueHDI 75 but not a regular 1.6 HDi 75 for my model year.

If it is an 8V 2012 engine it should come with an EDC17C10 ECU, which can't be mapped through the OBD port and I really cannot be 4rs3d posting my ECU off to be mapped. Manufacturing date of the van is 31/07/12 - so, can any of our venerable members with experience in this, advise if this all sounds right before I start pestering remappers? Is it possible I have retained (still to check physically) the previous EDC16C34 which was used on the 16V earlier models or is this not likely?

The list from (and others) seem not to list my engine and year combination. Is this just a van anomaly? (no 2012 75PS non eHDi) - thanks for any help and advice.

1.6 HDI 16V 75PS - until 2011
1.6 HDI 16V 90 PS - until 2011
1.6 HDI/eHDI 8V 92PS - 2011 to 2015
1.6 HDI/eHDI 8V 115PS - 2011 to 2015
1.6 BlueHDI 75 BHP - 2016 onwards
1.6 BlueHDI 100 BHP - 2016 onwards
1.6 BlueHDI 120 BHP - 2016 onwards
2.0 HDI 90 Siemens SID801 - until 2006
2.0 HDI 90 Bosch EDC15 - until 2006
My Van: 2012 B9 1.6 HDi Enterprise 
You I had this query a few weeks back.
When I contacted hdi tuning he said to confirm Ecu numbers and order through the website.
Even though you have the 75hp model you just order the e-hdi 90  ECU.
Send him an e mail and he’ll get back to you.
The gtd1244vz conversion looks good.
Cheers Adam, will do. I just need to check my actual ECU to see if it can be done by OBD port or needs posted. Actually may be easier now I think about it, to send it in if I have to. Just weird my van engine is not listed anywhere for my model year.

Btw did you get your springs fitted? Any pics to update your original thread with??
My Van: 2012 B9 1.6 HDi Enterprise 
If you go on YouTube and search hdi tuning you will see what a job mapping these EDC17 C10 ecu’s is.
Can’t be done at home!

No movement with mine yet but looking to be in it on 1st of June when I get back to work.
Everything is here to sort suspension so won’t be long before I can confirm ride height change and rear shock length.
Superb. A few lads in the Facebook modified Berlingo group have fitted the 307 or C4 kit with no rear shock issues, just used the originals. Will be good to see how it looks when you get it done.

My ECU issue just now is I need to check the van and see if it is the EDC17C10 or the EDC16C34 as that one can be done by a local remapper who use the obd port. As it's currently sitting in a public car park, not so easy to do. I don't have a driveway and don't want to be pulling bits off in a public car park.
My Van: 2012 B9 1.6 HDi Enterprise 
If it’s the 17c10 Ecu then you can order an unlocked one outright and just fit it when it comes.
You can swap back to standard when you get rid of the van then sell the mapped Ecu
Now that's a great idea. I like it!
My Van: 2012 B9 1.6 HDi Enterprise 

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