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[Engine] coolant leakage
Sorry Allan. Pedronicus, try your VIN on the Citroen Recall checker?
My Van: 2012 B9 1.6 HDi Enterprise 
(21-05-2020, 11:27 AM)Zion Wrote:  Sorry Allan. Pedronicus, try your VIN on the Citroen Recall checker?

No recalls on either vehicle so I assume the VIN must have been accepted there.
B9 (2016) 1.6 BlueHDi 100 Multispace XTR = Mine;   B9 (2013) Enterprise 1.6 HDi Van = Hers.
Hi All,

I took the Berlingo into my local Citroen garage yesterday and agreed with the service manager that I should be present when the head was removed. After a long wait I was allowed into the workshop and firstly had a look at the top of the block with the gasket still in place. I could not see any sign of a leak. Then the mechanic removed the gasket and upon inspection of the bottom side, there was no clear evidence of a leak. I then looked at the head lying on the floor, it too, had no obvious sign of a leak! The mechanic then pointed to the exhaust valves that were a pale colour claiming that this was proof of a water leak but this, in my experience, could have bean caused by a weak air fuel mixture. I asked the mechanic why the gasket had failed after only 100,000 Km since it was changed, he tried to bullshit me by saying that this was quite a long time between changes, this was with the service manager present! Now the head was removed there was no alternative than to have the head checked for warping which they said it was not and then the reassembly of the engine with a new gasket, new oil and new coolant. I just phoned the garage, they told me that they were still working on the car and just fitted a new thermostat and needed a couple of hours to finish off the job and to be completely sure that the repair had been successful.
Let`s see what happens,

Have you checked my notes on the cooling system that I wrote after a bit of a bother?

I've used the Citroën shop at Jessheim once.
(They changed my front suspension springs one Christmas after I broke one on the speed bumps in Maura)
They seems to be reasonably competent at least.

Check your radiator. It should have a bleed screw on top. If it doesn't, it's an aftermarket part, and not all that good.
and 10K is way, way overpriced. The Rad and parts MAY cost as much as 3K in total if it's all OEM parts, and the job should have been done in less than an hour, so no more than 1K for that, also.
Incidentally, I think they swapped the bottom hose because it can be difficult to disconnect from the radiator.(Bayonet connector, and there's a 'square profile' rubber ring on it that swells with age. )
I hope they gave you the old parts?
By Norwegian law, those parts are yours to do what you want with.

A radiator that boils over means high pressue inside the engine. It's quite possible that this can reach pressures high enough to break a weak seal somewhere, even a head gasket.

Biltema has a 'pressure test' kit for radiators(hand pump with a scale, a hose and heaps of different radiator caps. ).
Just fit the cap for your car, pump it up to 1.2 or 1.3 BAR, and LISTEN to the engine.
When the system is tight, hyou should be able to pump it up, then go inside, make a cup of tea and read a comic book or two, then go back out and find the same readout on the scales.
At the same time get an engine compression tester.
Hi All & Gadgetman.

I was hoping that you would reply.

I picked up the car on Friday morning and drove to my workshop yesterday (Saturday), with a roundtrip of 140 Km the engine did not boil but the temperature gauge was showing slightly plus of centre. It was a hot day so perhaps this was normal. The bill came to a whopping 15,000 NOK, more than the car is worth but it`s good to get mobile again. I asked for the top and bottom hoses to be changed but they did not have these in stock, so that this will have to be at a later date.
I had asked that the cooling system be given a pressure test but had no feedback on the result.

Thank you all for your help

Hopefully your car is sorted now and you get many miles out of it now. Good luck.
Are we there yet????? Huh
Ex 1.6hdi van now 3 seater 1.4 multispace

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