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Morning all I recently joined the forum after buying myself a 2010  berlingo multispace xtr to replace my ageing xsara picasso for driving to and from Spain. As I bought the berlingo at the beginning of March I have had little opportunity to drive it any distance yet, but the difference between it and the picasso is amazing.
Have passed my time during lockdown changing filters and oil, had the cam belt /water pump changed.
Have discovered that it has a dpf/Pat so I will probably see about booking it in for a refill unless there is another way to ascertain the level.
Welcome to the forum.
How many miles has your car done?
It's just on 101780 which is nothing compared to my old picasso which had three times that, there have been no warning lights but as I'm new to dpf I'm trying to get as much information as possible.
Hi Bill,

If your B9 is 2010 it will likely be a PAT/Eolys pouch system that last approx 100k miles so it could be nearing its end. The pouches can be had on ebay for around £100 or can be refilled with a kit, if a little messy by all accounts. The pouch has a connector, and if you buy a replacement, the colour of the connector must match the original, as the fluids changed over certain years and the connector colour denotes what your car is meant to use. The pouch is in a box bolted to the underside near the fuel tank, just in front of the drivers side rear wheel.

With a suitable diagnostic tool, such as DiagBox or the Foxwell NT530 with PSA software on it, you can read the pouch level and reset it if a new one is fitted. The ECU cannot measure the actual level, its calculated from total fuel consumed / miles travelled etc and can be higher or lower than actual value. The pouch holds 1.1 litres from new.

If it runs out, the DPF will not clean itself properly during regenerations and the car will start to complain loudly that you have a countdown till "no-start". Pouches have been known to have a manufacturing fault in the past where they split along the welded seam of the plastic bag and leak. There is also a pump to squirt the required amount into the fuel tank each time you fill up, by detecting when the fuel cap is taken off and replaced (it has a magnetic switch on the filler neck and a magnet in the cap)
My Van: 2012 B9 1.6 HDi Enterprise 
Thank you Zion for the information, I do have Diagbox on an old Dell laptop that I used on the Picasso I will dust it off and have a look and see if I can find the information, although crawling around under the car now takes longer to recover from and sometimes its easier to pay to get it done but just as painful in the end.
Haha I hear you there, I changed 4 steel wheels yesterday for a set of 17" alloys and I decided that all future work on the van, unless it's light tinkering, goes to my favourite local garage. Getting too old for this carry on!
My Van: 2012 B9 1.6 HDi Enterprise 

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