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DAB Signal
Hi all, I have a 16 plate B9, fitted with OEM touch screen/DAB radio. 

Is there a way to improve the DAB reception?

The radio tends to frequently loose the signal. Where my old car was great . 

Thanks in advance [Image: LIKE.png]
mine is the same, but have no idea how to improve it.

like you say ,i have had other cars with better dab reception.

perhaps its just the way it is...
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I cant help with anything specific but I know others on the forum have put better dab aerials on, you could try a search and see if the posts come up.
Are we there yet????? Huh
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(04-06-2020, 08:23 PM)Tomcat3 Wrote:  I cant help with anything specific but I know others on the forum have put better dab aerials on, you could try a search and see if the posts come up.

Having spent 4 hours googling. there are a few mentions of the possibility of a dash cam power lead interfering with DAB reception.

As It happens I have a  dash cam. I will disconnect mine tomorrow and see if there is any improvement.

If there is the answer may be to put ferrite rings on the power lead or re-route the cable. 

Will update this tomorrow. 
I had the problem with my dash cam interfering with the signal on my old B9 - the DAB unit on my current K9 isn't the best either but there is one simple fix you can do to improve it.

Buy the longest aerial you can find - the short stubby one fitted by Citroen is useless! £9 from Halfords sorted mine out a treat, i now only get the odd blind spot with signal and that is only on certain frequencies. This isn't a specific DAB aerial, just a normal screw on unit as per whats on the roof currently.

One other thing i did find was an issue was the aerial base - they had a tendency to pack in but they cost about £25 from the dealers and take 30 mins to swap over and can make a world of difference.
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Today, I drove my Multy around a short route where I always loose the signal. i wen around twice to confirm the dead spots for my radio.

I unplugged the power to my dash cam and repeated the drive. The dab was perfect showing a good signal strength for 100% of the drive. Next step purchase ferrite chokes and fit them.

I will update again when completed.
I dont have a a dash cam in my van and the dab is still pants.

may be a bigger aerial is the way to go..
B9 (2016) 1.6 HDi Enterprise 75
Fitted ferrite choke and improved reception by 99%. Just the odd split second drop out. But well happy.
nice one, seems to do the trick.

I have the gsm/tracker antenna mounted in my screen , i wonder if thats killing my dab signal ???
B9 (2016) 1.6 HDi Enterprise 75
It's only pennies to find out. My power lead is 4mm and I purchased 3mm ferrite chokes and it was a very tight fit. I should have purchased 3.5mm. The are more vids on youtube.. It has made a big difference to my setup.

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