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Minimal service history - what work should I do?
Hi all,

Petrol 1.6 B9 Partner Teepee, bought in February with 60k miles. 

No service history (I know...) apart from a service arranged by the independant seller with a local garage just before sale. The paperwork says it had:

Sales service and pdi Completed (£41.50)
Oil Filter
Air filter
Washer pump
4.3litres of oil

I guess I can trust that the above was actually done, but can't be 100%?

I have since replaced the two front tyres and the battery. Everything else seems to be running smoothly (touch wood...).

I am planning a bit of a road trip towards the end of the year (assuming it's safe/allowed), so want to make sure the car is running well. I am not a car mechanic, but have done a bit of car maintenance in the past, so happy changing filters, brake pads etc etc.

Eurocarparts have a sale on at the moment so was thinking of buying whatever parts I should, fit them over the next while, and then take it to a garage for a check over of the more complex bits.

So, any suggestions on what I should be doing, bearing in mind all of the above?

Air/oil/fuel/pollen filters?
Oil change?
Transmission oil?
Other fluids?
Spark plugs?
Brake pads/disks?
Brake bleed?
Check the rear brakes?
From my other thread - I now know it has a timing chain so don't need to preemptively replace that.

Annoyingly I don't have a maintenance guide, so am not sure what Peugeot recommends doing each 6/12/+ months.

(Also, the check oil level light came on 2 days ago, the level seems ok though - is the warning based on actual oil level, or just a periodic warning?)

Any help appreciated!

If you dont trust the seller then yeah go ahead with a full service. Else only focus on the bits that arent done. To answer your list;

I would definitly change the fuelfilter and pollenfilter. The oilfilter can wait till the next oil change. (unless its ancient or rusty)

Transmission oil, unless its an automatic dont bother. Unless there is a serious fault with the gearbox you dont need to change the fluid. And if the gearbox is seriously faulty a oilchange isnt going to do much good anyways.

Other fluids I can think of are Coolant and brake fluids. Assuming you dont have any issues at the moment then check for the colour. Is the coolant clear and clean than there is no reason to change it. If the brakefluid looks brown/dark then yeah it could do with a change, but its not essential.

Sparkplugs are something I would change if its uncertain how old they are. Sparkplugs are cheap, and I have seen old ones break and knock out entire cillinders or valves. Not worth the risk.

If the car is braking fine, then no need for new pads or disks, but you could ofcourse check for wear. If they are worn then they should be replaced.

What do you wanna check on the rear brakes? Again if it brakes, then why bother? Most of the breaking is done on the front brakes anyways.

Havent looked at the other topic yet, but are you sure on it being a timing chain? Where I live the 1.6 has a timingbelt, not a chain.

If the oillevel is allright on the dipstick, then issue might be with the sensor or the oilpressure. My first guess would be the sensor though.
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I would change the auxiliary belt as well, they don’t last that well on this engine, due to the nature of the water pump drive.
Make sure you get the correct belt, they are reinforced & quite expensive.
Thanks for the replies.

Braking is fine.

Sounds like I should change:
Fuel and pollen filters
Spark plugs
Check coolant and brake fluid colour
I'm tempted to replace the oil (and oil filter) too.

How much wear on the disks are acceptable?

Any way to tell if the auxiliary belt needs replacing, or best to do preemptively? Is it a tricky job, worth getting a garage to do I guess?

One thing I don't have is a maintenance guide - can't see to find on online (ie what needs to be done each 6/12/+ months or miles) - does anyone know where I can find one?

Ok looks like the aux belt is fairly simple to replace, and not expensive:

Or do I need to replace the tensioner pulley too? That's a bit pricier...

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