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[Warning Light] Seat belt/Airbag warning
I'm sure this has been brought up before but this is quite a specific problem that I'm hoping somebody else has had. About 6 months ago I started getting a warning light and sound that came on initially as I did a left hand sweep (like on a motorway access) It happened a couple of times and then got worse and worse and in the end was coming on all of the time. The dashboard was saying 'faulty airbag / seatbelt' This carried on getting more frequent as I tried to find the answer. I read that the connectors under the seat are usually the problem so I looked at them and cleaned them but it carried on but it seemed to go back to just happening on a turn, so around town it's beeping all of the time but on a motorway it's hardly ever on. I've also now got a problem with my rear light/indicator and stop light not working. Argghhhh it's driving me crazy. Help!!
It's possible that the clockspring inside the steering wheel has become faulty or has a loose connection. The clockspring will control the driver's airbag in the steering wheel. There will be some info on how to remove the airbag as part of taking the steering wheel off.
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Second that. The clockspring is a ribbon cable that's pre-wrapped in a circle so it can wind or unwind in both directions to connect the airbag to the cars ECU whilst the wheel rotates.
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