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steering judder/pulsing
i have a 2003 1.9hdi desire.

the steering pulses when i am turning, it pulses back towards the rest/middle position.

my guesses are

1st check the fluid levels in daylight there a specific way to do this? should the system be bled?

2nd there is a problem with the steering pump.

3rd problem with the steering rack.

has anyone had any similar problems or any advise/ideas i can try.

also- what is the warning light on the dash that looks like an engine? can i get rid of it?


The light is the MIL - Malfunction Indicator Lamp. This indicates that the ECU has detected something wrong. This is very often just a sensor going out of range. If it was serious it would have gone into "Limp Mode" where the engines power is dramatically reduced to prevent any damage.

Best to get the code read and then the options for rectifying can be considered. Do you know anyone with a code reader?

The issue of the steering has been discuused on here a couple of times - try a search.
i`ve done one change on the fluid and it was pretty dark-a real deep brown, i have only driven around the block but it does seem a little better..i will do it again in a week or so. i`m using the slick 50 stuff.

mil staying on.but no limping after 80 miles. think i`ll leave it for now or atleast i can find a garage that wont rip me off for the code reading.
(31-12-2011, 08:55 AM)slightlee Wrote:  ........... i can find a garage that wont rip me off for the code reading.

Get a quote for repair from a smaller Citroen savvy repairer.
In order to give you a quote they really have to run a Lexia diagnostic check.
The Older I get the Better I Was!  Cool
my van does this pulsing etc when the drive belt to the pas pump got wet and started slipping slightly, no noise just pulsing steering assistance.

#Check the belt is tight enough and dry mate.
My Van: 2007 1.6 HDi 600 - currently on 62,000 miles  Sleepy
will do, i have noticed now that it seems more apparent when i am starting to throttle a bit around corners or roundabouts,if you know what i mean, i go into a roundabout with no throttle just engine breaking and all is ok and then as i ease the throttle back on it starts to pull/pulse back to straight.
ah, ok could be the variable assist system that stiffens the steering and reduces assistance at speed. I dont know exactly how the citroen does it but I'm sure bingo's have this too. It gives full PAS at idle and almost none at 70mph....

My Van: 2007 1.6 HDi 600 - currently on 62,000 miles  Sleepy
ok,that sounds plausible, i have spoken to another berlingo driver and he says that he gets a feedback/pulse from his too. i drove his around the car park at work and it was nowhere near as obvious as mine.
i`m getting used to it now so i`m going to leave it but it does feel weird.

i have just found some old threads about it and am virtually convinced that it seems like a characteristic of the load/variable adjustable berlingoey citroeny type thingy.
thanks to all
Mine has a pulsing feeling when cornering, mainly long sweeping corners.
(06-01-2012, 05:20 PM)chronyx Wrote:  Mine has a pulsing feeling when cornering, mainly long sweeping corners.

Mine does too... There is nothing mechanical wrong with the car that I can see. Two separate garages have looked at it and can't find anything obviously wrong.

All the joints, wishbones, roll bar rods etc are fine as is the tracking.

I think I'm just used to it now..

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