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Replace 2006 M59 Fuel Pump with 2004 ??..
Hi everyone. Need some guidance please...

I have a 2006 Berlingo 600D LX, 1.9 Diesel (which I believe is a M59, DW8 engine). VIN no.has 'GBWJYB' within the number.

Over a period of a few weeks I've had a sudden lack of engine power for a split second, but quite noticable. It gradually got more frequent and lasted longer each time, to the point where it felt like you've suddenly put the brake on for a second making you jerk forward in the seat. Eventually it 'bunny hopped' even more at random times. I bought some Redex and used that in the fuel, at first hoping it was just the injectors, etc being fouled up and needing a good clean out. A week later it was still doing it and getting worse.

One day it was bunny hopping so much I had to pull over (felt like I had it in totally the wrong gear with the wrong revs!) After a while I got the van started again and was able to limp it to a garage a few miles down the road. This was literally just before the UK lockdown (Covid-19).

After several checks the fuel pump was found to have failed and initially the garage struggled to locate a replacement pump due to businesses not being open. Even eBay, Amazon, and his contacts, etc, were a dead end.  The van's age doesn't warrant a brand new pump considering the price of them.

My van is still sat in the garage waiting to be fixed!...around 3 months now, still no joy.

Anyway, this is the 3rd Berlingo I've had. The van I got rid of just before I got this one is still sat in another garage where I took it to be used for spare parts.

That one is a 2004 Berlingo 600D LX, 1.9 Diesel (M59, possibly a DW8??..)

Q1) Is there any chance that the 2004 Fuel Pump will be able to replace the 2006 Fuel Pump (like-for-like, sort of)??..

Q2) I was told by the garage that the 2006 fuel pump is not in the fuel tank but in the engine bay. I've done lots of minor work in the engines of all the vans in the past but never actually noticed the fuel pump before so not sure if the 2004 model is also in the engine bay. And if so, where in the engine bay is it located?  I had a subscription to the online Haynes manual for Berlingo's but that ran out some time last year, otherwise I would have had a look in there.

Any help would be greatly appreciated as I'm lost for my next step. Thanks.
The fuel pump is built into the injector pump and draws fuel from the tank through the fuel filter . They are very reliable fuel pumps and dont give much trouble.  Your problem could be in the fuel lines or fuel filter, a small leak in either of them will draw air into the system. A clear piece of fuel line will let you see if it is drawing air. seal on the top of the filter is well known for leaking air into.

The engine you have is a WJY, a DW8b. Look at the vin on the donor van and if a WJY then they are the same engine.  A DW8 has no electronic control and a DW8b has
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Thanks for your reply brodfather11. That's been really helpful.

I've sent a message to the 'donor van' garage to ask them to have a look for me, as they have the paperwork and the garage is 20+ miles away from where I live! Hence not wanting to waste time going to get it, buy it and take it to the other garage to find I'd wasted my time.

I can't remember if the garage fixing my van said he'd tried a few things that you mentioned - it's been a few months now, memories of our conversations have faded over time!!

I'll see what info.I get back and let you know. Thanks again!

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