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What model K9 is this?
An old friend died recently and he owned an almost brand new Berlingo: first registered end-January 2019 and with less than 1000 miles (1500 km) on the odometer. 

I've been offered the chance to buy it but I don't know what model it is, and the original purchase documents can't be found.

What I do have is the registration document. Now to make it all a bit more complicated both the old friend and I live in France, so it's not a V5 but what they call the Carte Grise (CG).

According to the CG it has 5 seats, an 1199cc petrol engine, rated at 81KW, and CO2 emissions in gm/km of 119.

There is obviously also the VIN, which starts VR7ERHNPJJJ.... and a model/version code which is ERHNPJ-A1F000.

There seem to be three levels of trim, in France they are "Live", "Feel" and "Shine" (from cheapest to most expensive). Is there any way of telling which this is, or do I need to look for key features which will mark it as one thing or another?

I'd be grateful for any comments. I just hope this isn't too stupid a question!

Thanks in advance.
Maybe the Citroen web site will have the trim levels?
Thanks Cancunia, the Citroen web site has the trim levels. But that's why I am trying to find out which model it is, so I can look up the trim level for that model.

I have the registration document but the car is some distance away.
if you cant go see it or get pictures Price it based on the cheapest model with the lowest spec trim then if happy with price buy it. Then if its a good deal anything extra is a bonus
Feel has rear electric windows and electric parking brake. Shine has an opening glass in the rear hatch.
2019 130hp 1.5 BlueHDi EAT8
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(07-08-2020, 11:06 PM)boop Wrote:  Feel has rear electric windows and electric parking brake. Shine has an opening glass in the rear hatch.

Thanks Boop: that is just what I wanted. I know it does have the electric rear windows but I don't know about glass in the hatch.

I know I will be getting it cheaply if i decide to buy it: but I am also trying to be fair to the person who has inherited it. So I can't really go down the route of valuing it as if it was the basic model without options.

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