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Electric window will only go down (sometimes)
Hi I have an intermittent problem with the drivers side electric window in my 2011 Berlingo van.

From time to time when I operate the switch for the window it will go down regardless of which way I click the switch.

So then Im stuck with the window down.  You can hear a relay clicking when its at the bottom but it wont go back up.

I have tried swapping the passenger and driver side dashboard switches and it is still the same.

If I leave it for a while and go back and try the switch then its back to working as expected.

Any ideas on this?
Welcome to the forum.

It may well be the window controller unit that's faulty. I'm not sure where it is on the B9, but on the M59 it's somewhere near the accelerator pedal.
I did the same, switch swap, turned out both switches were as bad just, that i didn't use the passenger enough to realise.
I chanced stripping the switches down to see if they were fixable inside, nothing to lose as I would replace if they'd had it.
Fiddly inside but fixed can't remember if I stretched any springs a little but definately benefitted from cleaning up the internal contacts.
2010 by multispaace
1.6 hdi 90
2010 multispace xtr


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