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Starter motor.
Hello all.

I went out to start the Berlingo the other day and had the dreaded 'click'.

Everything works on the electric front but after preheat when i turned the key just a click. Bugger. Out came a broom handle and a solid tap on the starter motor and we were off to get some bits, when out of the shop and back at the Needless to say i took the broom with me!

So i ordered a starter and have just fitted it.

For those worrying about doing this....stunningly easy.

Unclamp the battery positive terminal ......unless you like to see sparks and shock up your heart!

I removed the plastic cover on top of the engine. Friction clip on the right and a 13 mm bolt on the left.

I then removed the air filter pipe the runs from the front of the engine to the airbox. This has two jubilee clips holding it, one at each end. Prior to pulling it off though i saw a strange attached box attached to the pipe hanging under it also attached to the front of the engine with a 13mm bolt..had to lie under the car to reach this one. ( i presume this box is some type of moisture trap).

Next...three 8mm allen key bolts holding on the starter. Undo the electrical connectors on the starter solenoid first, 13mm bolt on the positive cable and an 8mm bolt on the earth, or it will be hanging on these when you take the three bolts out.

Lift out the starter carefully avoiding the radiator fins, there is plenty of space.

Refit in reverse. 

All in all less than an hour including a nice cup of tea.
It's a 2001 1.9d with 322,500 k on the clock.
Good to hear about a repair going smoothly. Nice one mate. 312,500 miles? That must be one of the highest I've seen yet. (I had a BMW with 245,000 on it a while back)
My (not a) Citroen:  
MK7 Ford Fiesta ST180 in Frozen White  Cool

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Hello Zion, up to 318 now but kilometers not miles as i now live in France, this is a car that keeps on giving.
I am not gentle with it either as i love driving and the poor thing carries all my gardening / building or whatever stuff the job of the moment requires.

Cheap to run, cheap on parts downside as keeps on going.

Most milage we had on a car was on a Mercedes SLK 350000 miles, bloomin' brilliant. Sold on years ago and still on the road today.
It's a 2001 1.9d with 322,500 k on the clock.
Some engines seem to thrive on miles don't they, with high mileage the engine is always getting a good work out and doing what it was designed to do.

Thank your lucky stars that you weren't changing the starter on the 1.6HDi, your post may have had a slightly different tone if you were, and you may have needed something stronger than Tea when you were finished  Big Grin

My vehicle .... 2006 (m59) Berlingo Multispace Desire - 1.6 HDI 92 
I love an easy fix...the hdi sounds a pain.

My Jeep Cherokee XJ is a pain too, damn near impossible to do. Takes much muttering time tea and cursing.
It's a 2001 1.9d with 322,500 k on the clock.
Those 1.9d engines doesn't know when to die...

you should try replacing the starter on the 1.4i.
(Big hint: it's on the side of the engine that's towards the driver. And there's an effing huge intake manifold blocking access. It's probably easier from below)

I bring not just a teacup, but a large thermos into the garage when mucking about under the hood of my 1999...

Do you use Earl Grey or 'English Breakfast' when tinkering?
(I use English Breakfast when doing engine work. Nothing else has the required bite)
English Breakfast gadgetman everytime. Or on truth we have Clipper 'Everyday' much the same thing.
I can do without most here in France but not decent tea.
It's a 2001 1.9d with 322,500 k on the clock.

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