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[Engine] Starter relay built in to fuse box
So I have a 2009 1.6 hdi L2.  Basically one day it just wouldn’t start. A couple of guys looked at it and couldn’t sort it. I got it towed to a Citroen dealer and I got a call saying it was the starter relay and that it’s built into the fuse box so I have to buy a new fuse box for it. Going to cost between 1500 and 2k to fix. I just told them do it cos I need it for work. Anybody come across this before?
The BSI or body systems interface is the main operational gadget for all things non engine related and the engine ECU does the engine stuff. I know there are relays built into the BSI but it's inside the van, though it does have a lot of fuses in the outer cover for the functions it does, but Citroen know that and they're saying fusebox? If they'd said BSI then the price would make more sense.

The BSI is probably very costly from new via Citroen, not sure about the engine bay fusebox itself but 2000 seems an awful lot of money for it. I'd hit eBay or a breakers yard, there are plenty of fuseboxes for sale and they aren't expensive or need any kind of coding as long as they are from the same year and model (diesel or petrol etc) then it's a straight swap out I'm sure. Most things plug in or bolt on. Maybe you'd need an auto spark to do it but I bet you'd get it done for a couple of hundred quid.

If the engine bay actual fusebox has relays in it, which I am honestly not sure about, you could swap the fuse box yourself for a few quid and not pay Citroen 2000 bucks.

Not saying it's a 15 minute job but there is no way I'd pay that amount for Citroen to fix an 09 van, I'd do it myself before I'd spend that with them.

You could probably buy a whole busted van the same year and strip the parts you need, for a fraction of that money. A working van on that year can't be much more than 2000 surely?

I'm not knocking your vehicle mate, but I'd question the validity of spending such a sum on repairing an older van even if you need it badly. You could probably buy another one for that kind of cash and fix the one you have as time allows, then sell it on again.
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