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Which model?
(14-10-2020, 03:40 PM)Dickyd49 Wrote:  Going back to your identification, there is no "M59" in the VIN number, which starts VF7GB9HWC8J......
In case it helps, my B59 has a VIN starting VF7 8JKFWB 93. As I understand it, V F 7 mean, respectively, Europe, France, Citroen; then the next 6 digits are a manufacturer in-house code for the model variant etc.; then the 93 is a coded year of manufacture. Anything after that is a serial number I think.

So if yours is a B9, mine must be a JK!... Rowling? Well, some call me Rasputin and some call me Hagrid, both for the same reasons...!

Mine is a 53 reg Multispace but not a Desire (no modutop thankfully), 1.4i, and only 61k miles. 54k when I bought it in Aug 19.
(24-09-2020, 11:12 AM)Dickyd49 Wrote:  Huh Hi All,
My problem is that I don't know which model I have bought, the dealer was clueless and there was little history with the van.  It was registered on 14/09/2009

I was just looking at other posts and found a link to this -

it might help you ID your exact model and then have access to an online owner's manual for it. As I understand it, Firsts have twin rear barn doors while Multispaces have tailgates. Desires (the most common) have tailgates and overhead storage in the roof (modutops), so that should get you started.
Once you select the right model, next you have to select the exact year, so as you have this you should be led to the right manual.
B59? You have a bomber? Lol

I know it's a typo. I just know the B9 have B9 in the VIN number. I assumed the M59 did too. Can't recall my M59 VIN numbers for the last 2 vans.
My Van: 2012 B9 1.6 HDi Enterprise
ZionB59? You have a bomber? Lol
[quote pid='126249' dateline='1602966102']

I know it's a typo. I just know the B9 have B9 in the VIN number. I assumed the M59 did too. Can't recall my M59 VIN numbers for the last 2 vans.

Ha ha! Too many old films!

Or maybe it was due to traversing the whole of the M54 in both directions in 36 hours - not to mention some of the M6 and A14 and M11. Good little Bee. She's great for potting about but for long miles she really does need me to fit that sound insulation I bought back in the summer!

Attached is a pic of my Berlingo. Enjoy!

Haha I love it!
My Van: 2012 B9 1.6 HDi Enterprise
I must admit this did get me thinking about ordering some vinyl stickers along those lines. "Berlingo Beaut" maybe... or "Memphis Belly"...

It might even be possible to put mock gun turrets in the rear quarter lights... if I could waggle them by remote control from a few yards away, I'd bet the car would pass every MOT from now on for ever more!
I do love the "bomber girls", they are really beautiful artwork. They are a bit sexist of course but they come from a different time.

You should have a look at the rat forums on Facebook, lots of mocked up guns on vans etc.
My Van: 2012 B9 1.6 HDi Enterprise
Yes agreed, tho it would be easy to also have say Superman and the Hulk on t'other wing... it's sooo so tempting, but at 6'5" with wild hair I already stand out enough already!
BTW to return to an earlier point in this thread, I found out today that the VIN number I gave earlier was wrong, where it matters for this thread. I thought it began VF7 BJKFWB, but it is actually VF7 GJKFWB. I'll put a small thread under How To's with more VIN stuff that I found out.
Haha yeah I guess you would stand out a bit!
My Van: 2012 B9 1.6 HDi Enterprise

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