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Which model?
Huh Hi All,
I recently bought a 2009 Berlingo van, only 144000 miles!  It's in pretty good nick and has proven to be perfect for 
my little retirement business of restoring ancient garden benches, except when they are too long!  My problem is that I don't know which model I have bought, the dealer was clueless and there was little history with the van.  It was registered on 14/09/2009, which, I believe should make it it a second model - please correct me if I'm wrong!  However, I have been told that it must be an earlier model, as it has a floor gear change, and that it must have hung around at a dealers' for some time before being sold and registered.  It also has the minimum of creature comforts, compared with the later models!
Can anyone enlighten me, please?
Happy Motoring!
Hi Dicky, the floor change and 2009 year means it is probably what we call an M59, they were still being made as the Berlingo First alongside the B9 so both appear on the same range for a while. The M49 was the official mk1, the M59 is a facelifted version of that which is actually still a Berlingo I series II (facelift) - but with a model number change, so your vin number will probably have "m59" in it near the beginning I'd think, as the B9 is noted in the vin on mine. 

I've had a few m59's before but can't remember if they had the model in the vin now.

Anyway, the B9 is actually the Berlingo II and it has a dash mounted gear shift high up on the console. The previous versions were all floor mount. Also the air vents are distinguishable as on the m59 they are like a ball made of slices with a round knob visible when closed. The B9 ones are 2 hinged flaps that close to a smooth surface.

I've attached 3 pics of the different models below: (click to enlarge)






My Van: 2012 B9 1.6 HDi Enterprise
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  • Dickyd49
Wow! That's what I call comprehensive! Thanks so much for that - I now have no doubt as to which bits will fit! (Roof bars, fog lights, etc, etc).
Thanks again
Welcome mate.
My Van: 2012 B9 1.6 HDi Enterprise
Hi Zion,
Thanks again for your response, may I call upon your (or anyone else's) knowledge and expertise once more? I am looking for a roof rack for the M59 and one I have looked at on eBay (for 2008 models onwards) looks as though the front fixing point is further forward than the one on the M59 - the rear two appear to be in the same position, can you shed any light on this, please? Also, were there any changes to the rear bumper for the M59?
Going back to your identification, there is no "M59" in the VIN number, which starts VF7GB9HWC8J...... and all references to that number seem to be matching and original. The engine cover calls it HDI 16, so I don't even know what the power output is, 90 bhp?
If only I had some history...
Thanks in advance...
The engine power will be on the V5 in the form of a kW rating. 55kW = 75hp and 75kW = 100hp (roughly)

Your vin would indicate a B9??? Can you post a picture of the car / van? Then we can help on the roof rack. The m59 roof rack uses metal plates that clamp into dents in the sides of the roof. The B9 uses threaded inserts in the roof for the rails to bolt into, and the cross bars clamp onto those.
My Van: 2012 B9 1.6 HDi Enterprise
I can't help with the bumper part of your query but the roof racks for the m49 and m59 are the same while the b9 rack is much wider and longer.
Without seeing the eBay one you refer to, I'd guess that it may be for the new shape up to '18 since quite a lot of aftermarket stuff is described as fitting '08 on.
2013 HDi Enterprise.
Sorry Zion, posts overlapped there.
I did wonder about the b9 part of the vin number though, strange eh?
2013 HDi Enterprise.
No probs buddy. Yeah it is weird. That's where the B9 name comes from I'm sure. And the roof racks are totally different mountings between the B9 and previous models as well as the obvious size difference. Really need to see a pic, or confirmation of exactly what model it is to be certain as the production years overlap from 08-11 but after that up to 2018 there was only the B9.

But, floor change = m59 for sure.
My Van: 2012 B9 1.6 HDi Enterprise
They did make what they called the Berlingo First, an economy version of the M59 alongside the B9 for about 3 years starting in 2008. This was because there was still the demand as the B9s were much more expensive.


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