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central locking issue will not lock
Hi guys
i was hoping somebody could help me with this problem have a berlingo b9 multispace xtr
and the central locking will not lock have looked through the forums and the internet adn have not come across this particular fault
1 done a bsi reset no joy
2 replaced key batteries  no joy
3 everything works as it should lights flash when fob button pushed   but no  lock
4 lock manualy and the key fob will unlock the car completely as it should perfectly
5 push lock on fob will lock the boot but again will not lock the car
6 took bsi out and looks fine but does not appear to be the 1 that comes apart

please any help in this as to where i go from here would  be massively appreciated guys
thanks in advance
When you start the car does it say any doors are open on the MFD screen?

It could be a faulty wire (or wires) in the door harness where it goes from the body to the door at the hinge side. They can crack internally and break a wire so losing one function. Does the no-lock affect the 3 other doors, i.e. side, passenger and driver? all remain unlocked but the boot locks ok?
My Van: 2012 B9 1.6 HDi Enterprise
Hi thanks for the quick reply the no lock affects all the doors except the boot all doors show locked on dash and using autel maxi com mk 808 says everything locked including filler cap but still will not lock through the remote also
says bsi reinitalization fault however as i said earlier if i manually lock all the doors when i push open it opens everything as it should
so am i right in assnming that the door locks and actuators are working properly ?
there could be a broken wire from the BSI to the door solenoid on the driver's "lock" side - a different wire is normally used for lock, than unlock. The solenoid has to pull in two directions, one to lock and the other to unlock but it is weird that the boot works. I have to admit I haven't had to trace this kind of fault on the B9 so it's an educated guess.

There was a known issue with door locks that stopped them working remotely but worked on the key, someone posted a thread, worth searching for "locking" and see what you can turn up. I think it related to the lock mechanism sticking in one direction, so the remote was unable to rotate the internal mech to the lock position and so it failed to signal lock to the other doors or something. The key worked as it had enough force to rotate the barrel to engage the locking signal to the other doors.

The boot still working on your car is what's throwing me here. Mind you, there is probably a separate lock signal to the boot, as with the 3 button key you can open the boot and leave the doors locked. So again, points to wiring between BSI and front door harness.

I had this issue on my last car, and Audi A3 but it was a broken wire in the door harness in the jamb area and as the drivers door was the master, none of the doors would lock but they would always unlock. The key however always worked so the signal from the drivers door to the others was intact but from the ecu to the driver's door was broken.

It may be well worth getting the door card off and trying both remote and key locking to see what moves and what happens. It may just need a bit of spray on the mechanism that moves.
My Van: 2012 B9 1.6 HDi Enterprise
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Thanks ever so much will try that and keep you updated
one question though if the locks are unlocking does it mean that the locks and actuator solenoids are working or just stuck going 1 way
Could be either stuck going one way when operated from the remote solenoid or one broken wire. When using the key, you are manually rotating the barrel which moves the actuator into the lock or unlock position. The solenoid that operates them remotely has two directions which requires a change of polarity, so needs two wires minimum that must reverse to operate it in the other direction, or 3 wires, one common and one for left lets say, and one for right, so it can move one way or the other. May be one broken wire so it can unlock the lock but not lock it.
My Van: 2012 B9 1.6 HDi Enterprise
sounds like it more than likely a broken signal wire on the lock side more than a problem with the bsi do you thinnk the only problem now is to trace it as i am a mechanic not lecky unfortunately will keep you posted but thanks for your quick help
Yeah I think it's a wire. Mind those wires go from the lock solenoid to the if you know a spark who can trace it then you're in with a shout. Likely that a relay embedded in the BSI controls the locking. Coil solenoids produce an inductive kick-back so are always powered from a relay with a diode to quench the back EMF from the coil.
My Van: 2012 B9 1.6 HDi Enterprise
hi checked the wiring in the door unfortunately not that !!
am iright in thinking that the lock relay in the bsi is the same for the rear door or is it seperate ?
giving up now frightened that i may do more damage than good as i said took the bsi out completely and no signs of water damage but the bsi didnt seem like it came apart like the ones pictured and seemed glued is that a newer version or can i actually take it apart and possibly change relay if sseperate to the boot oneany ideas ? please and thanks in advance for any help in this
The BSI comes in 3 versions, low medium and high spec, and I don't know if any versions use a separate relay for the individual doors but the relays are soldered into the PCB as I know people have had them repaired at various vendors and they are not removable by hand. Unless you have a static control strap and are nifty at solder rework mate. Also there is the problem of identifying the right one. I've seen schematics but I don't think the PCB is screen printed with the idents for the components.

It may be you have to buy a virginised one and get it coded to your vehicle, extreme I know but it isn't something most folk could tackle repairing at home. And if you do any damage, even from static via your body when touching the PCB, you could end up with a 4 wheel paperweight until a new one can be found and reprogrammed.

Did you remove the whole BSI unit from behind the glovebox? Just checking you're looking at the right thing.
My Van: 2012 B9 1.6 HDi Enterprise

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