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Bleeding brakes
Big Grin 
Hi I recently bought an 07 1.6 hdi berlingo. I changed the back axle because the bushing were gone. I took the axle out of a Picasso which fitted fine. I am now having difficulties bleeding the rear brakes after replacing a rotten brake pipe. This van has ABS and I haven't yet tried to pressure bleed the brakes... (would this help ?)
My other thought is could this be something to do with the load sensing valve any help would be much appreciated. The vans brakes worked fine before I changed the axle and the brake pipe.
as I understand it the ABS versions don't have a load sensing valve on the rear axle as the ABS sorts it out.

The rear brakes can be very problematic to bleed, I think it's down to the shape / positioning of the rear brake pipes.
The brake fluid reservoir also has a baffle in it so you must keep the fluid topped up to the brim when bleeding or you run the risk of running the fluid low for the rears.

Pressure bleeding may help, some have tried it and it helped others have had no luck.

What symptoms do you have, do you have any pedal at all or is it going straight to the floor?

My vehicle .... 2006 (m59) Berlingo Multispace Desire - 1.6 HDI 92 
I had problems with a 06 berlingo bleeding brakes , . Parked it with the nose slightly uphill and pressure bled them. Not great until I read that the proper sequence for bleeding was R/h rear, L/h rear, R/h front, L/h front. Great difference after doing in that order.
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I thought you should have your nose DOWNHILL or raise the back of the car when bleeding a Berlingo ??
Nose/front end up and a Gunsons Eazibleed. Easy hassle free job doing mine recently.
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Pressure bleeding works well because there is a brake pipe either side at the back that is in the shape of an inverted U and normal methods dont get the air at the top of the U to move.


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