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Roof Rack Blanking Plug Removal
Quick question I hope someone on here may be able to answer.

My MPV didn't come with a roof rack, picking one up this week.

How do the blanking plugs which blank the M8 threaded holes come out? 

I did look when I first got the car and they have wide slots which would suggest they unscrew but being colour coded plastic i didn't like to put too much torque on them and damage them.

Anyone who has removed these and has advice would save me looking stupid trying in the dark.

Thanks all.
2013 Berlingo Multispace Plus 1.6 HDI
They just pull out. They are "fir tree" plugs so the slot in the top is useless. Use a plastic pry tool to pop them out. The threaded holes in the roof will be full of water and rust. Go easy screwing the new bolts in for the roof rack. They look like M8 but are actually a taper plug thread with a torx head, I bought a set of proper Citroen roof bolts with my (genuine) XTR roof rails....tried normal bolts before with a cheap non OEM set of rails (which were a crap fit btw), and they just jam up straight away. The proper ones went straight in.

Not a fan of the aftermarket roof rails etc, every time I've tried them they were flimsy, badly-fitting, absolute rubbish. Ended up taking nearly a year to find a proper set off an XTR for £100 and they went on like a charm. Built like tank armour too.
My Van: 2012 B9 1.6 HDi Enterprise
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  • theraginganarchist
Thanks once again for the excellent advice Zion! 

I appreciate the detailed reply, you've saved me a lot of hassle there.

I have to agree that aftermarket rails and bars tend to be made of toffee, there is a real gap in the market for a well made clone of the genuine ones. Like you I have been attempting to source a genuine set foe some time. I've given up now and am just buying a second hand set of van guard ones with a t-track.

They will look a bit "industrial" but they are only intended for occasional use so won't be left in place long.

Thanks again for the quick reply!
2013 Berlingo Multispace Plus 1.6 HDI
No problems - very welcome! You should be able to get genuine roof bolts from a number of places, I just don't know the part number (got the originals with the rails on eBay).

I've emailed Mike Aldridge at E.S.L. to get it for you, so will post it up here when he replies.

EDIT - found them myself after a bit of a search.

OEM bolts M8x125 L35 - PSA P/N = 9035S1 - £1.44 (£1.20 ex vat) each.
My Van: 2012 B9 1.6 HDi Enterprise
[-] The following 1 user says Thank You to Zion for this post:
  • theraginganarchist
That's a massive help. Thank you.

I managed to find the fitting instructions to the van-guard branded roof rack I picked up today and they specified standard M8 bolts so not only have you saved me damaging the plugs you also saved me damaging the threads forcing non tapered bolts in!

Much appreciated.
2013 Berlingo Multispace Plus 1.6 HDI
Hey no problem! I tried standard M8 bolts myself as I said and wondered why they jammed up within a few turns, till I got the proper ones. They went in like butter. The taper is slight but noticeable.

Hopefully, your roof rack has the room for the heads, as they are a bit bigger than a regular bolt and have a torx drive. But they are very cheap and shouldn't be an issue if you need to mod with a washer to stand the head off, if the roof rack has smaller recessed fixing holes. But, hopefully they drop straight in.
My Van: 2012 B9 1.6 HDi Enterprise
Hi Zion .. Sorry me again .. I have also bought some Pro rack bars for the roof for my kayak van roof has 6 metal plates with a slot in them ..I'm assuming these flip up or off to expose the screw thread .. the rack fitting kit for the Berlingo shows the plate flips upwards but do you take them right out?? all the kit fittings look like 8mm threaded rods and nuts .. I did a gentle lift with a screwdriver in the slot of one plate but it never moved??
Ok no worries, but hang on - if you have upturned metal plates on the roof in 6 places, then that is the style used on the M59 vans, the B9 have only a threaded insert in the roof pointing to the sky, with a plastic bung in it.

Can you post a pic of the fitting points on your van, or a shot of the van (without the number plate in the shot if you want to hide that)

I assumed you have a B9 as this is in the B9 forum section but angled metal flaps are the mark of the M59 (and they don't move, the roof rack grabs them from the side by sliding under the metal "flap" and gripping cross-wise)

Or is the kit you have bought actually FOR the M59, hence the metal plates looking "flipped up" in the diagrams and they are actually not for your B9 at all.....

The B9 plates are strengtheners which are part of the roof and don't move, and the threaded insert is pressed into them - the slot is only in the plastic bung's head.
My Van: 2012 B9 1.6 HDi Enterprise
Thanks again Zion .. it sounds like my fastening kit is the wrong one .. yes it has 6 plates on the roof and looks like they are spot welded on with a upturned slot on the outside so I must have an M59 model then. I put in my registration and they base the fastening kit by the registration number This kit notes Berlingo 5 door LWB 08 - 15 , Berlingo L1 and L2 2015 onwards .. Mine is a 2009 ... I'll take it back to the dealer.
Hi, pulled the aforementioned plugs out of my XTR+ to fit two Rhino roof bars. Cleaned out the thread with wire brush on a dremel and 3 in one oil. Used the M8 bolts supplied but did not realise the thread was tapered. I assumed it was the rust making fitting difficult but eventually got the bolts to tighten up. The bars appear to be solid but does this now mean I have damaged the tapered thread, and am now going to be unable to fit the correct ones mentioned above please? The used bars were off a Berlingo.

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