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COM2000 variants
Hi all. Firstly, this probably applies to all Berlingos not just the M59; other than repeating a long thread I can't see a simple way of linking this to all models. Can someone help out with that please?

For reasons which follow at the end, I wanted to find out what variants of the com2000 steering column switch units there are. I've often seen people say something like 'there are several, com2000 com2001 com2002 com2003 etc.' but they don't give any details.
I got nowhere with most parts websites because they are geared up to search for parts for a particular car, and once you get a part up you can't then search sideways to find out what other types of that part are available and what other car models they fit.
I've now found a French parts site which does allow you to search by part name such as "com2000", and it helpfully gives a great deal of information on each of a wide range of units, both OEM and Delphi replacements.
A quick test shows that it would be possible to extract the data on the types they have in stock into Excel and make a comprehensive list which might be a useful reference for forum members in the future. Each item also has several large scale photos, which would also be invaluable for obvious reasons.
To give an idea of the scale of the project, the number of results I got for COM20xx units are as follows:
com2000 60 items – some seem to also be com2003?
com2001 x
com2002 46 items
com2003 32 items – some seem to also be com2000?
com2004 x
com2005 104 items
com2006 x
com2007 x
com2008 32 items
com2009 x
com2010 x

...I didn't go any higher.
Here's one com2000 unit in all its gory detail - probably the most useful one for this forum (tho cheaper versions are also there!):

Part number
96659939XT COM2000
Vehicle manufacturer part number
6242F2 6239GJ PSA 6239JS PSA 6239Q1 PSA 6239Q3 PSA 6239QG PSA 6239QK PSA 6239QW PSA 6242.F0 PSA 6242.F2 PSA 96605668XT
Technical condition
Part name
light and indicator control
12 mths
Citroen, Peugeot
AX, Berlingo 1, Berlingo 2, BX, C1, C15, C2 2003-2009, C25, C3 2002-2009, C4 2004-2010, C4 Picasso 2006-2013, C5 2001-2008, C8, Evasion, Jumper 1994-2006, Jumper 2006, Jumpy 1995-2007, Saxo, Xantia, XM, Xsara, Bipper, Boxer 1994-2006, Boxer 2006, Expert, Expert 2, Partner, Partner 1, Partner 2, Peugeot J5, Rcz, Traveller, 1007, 106, 107, 108, 2008, 205, 206, 207, 208, 3008, 3008 2, 301, 305, 306, 307, 308, 308 2, 309, 4007, 4008, 405, 406, 407, 5008, 504, 505, 508, 605, 607, 806, 807
Parts manufacturer
PSA – Citroen / Peugeot
Halogen lamps, fog lamps front
Fog lamp rear
Automatic lights
On-board computer control
Automatic windscreen wipers
Radio control
Cruise control
Rear wiper control
Spare parts of different parameters are available for thisr model. To select a proper spare part please cite the VIN number entered in the vehicle registrationrd.Note.

...but before I do this, does such a readily accessible list already exist? Will I be wasting my time? I spent ages goggling with no luck at all, even on Delphi's own online catalogue, until I found this French site.

My reason for being interested in this is actually three reasons:
1.     I have been following the threads on updating the MFD to a three-liner with external temp and trip meter; I have the temp sensor and display, but my Berlingo’s wiper stalk is unfortunately unlike others which can reportedly be ‘fixed’ with cotton bud stalks etc – my one’s whole end section is one piece of plastic so that the ‘button’ on its end is not removable alone, and when I pull the end of the switch off the stalk there is no hole to put a cotton bud stick into. So I have to replace the whole switch.

I’ve already bought a unit from a Picasso as they were reported as being swappable, and the two wiper stalks certainly look identical except for the end button, but the Picasso unit's stalks are each fixed by two Torx bolts while the photos I’ve seen of Berlingo stalks show that they are held in place by moulded plastic clips (I will put off disassembling my one until all the questions are answered and I have all the right parts ready).

2.     I noticed in passing (it never occurred to me until I got into this) that my car’s audio stalk, which points to roughly 4 o’clock, might not be standard and might be an extra ordered by my car’s first owner. I’m sure my previous Berlingo didn’t have one (then: ’53 1.6 Desire, now ’53 1.4i First) but I am not 100% sure – certainly a lot of com2000 unit photos online don’t show an audio stalk, and the results in the above website bring up versions with/without it.

3.     I would also love to add cruise control to my car one day (being a very spoilt truck driver), but that will have to wait until I feel a bit flush, especially when an aftermarket kit costs roughly a third of what my car is worth! So that subject had been put to bed – until I recently came across this item [], which would seem to be a much more elegant way of adding CC controls (i.e. its switches and buttons) than the usual aftermarket options, if it would be compatible with my car, and if I could shoehorn it into its switch unit (i.e. cutting a hole in the shroud to hopefully expose a blanking piece where this stalk could be clipped in and plugged in).

As you can see, it is advertised as being okay for a Berlingo. But on searching the part number online, I find that other offerings do not include Berlingo in the list of cars it suits, for example

But then I noticed some com2005 units on eBay which have not two or three but four stalks [for example], and yes the fourth one pointing to 8 o’clock is for CC.
So now I’m wondering whether I can just do a straight swap for one of these while I set up the 3-line MFD.
Then in the dim and distant future I can add the other parts of an aftermarket CC, or maybe even OEM parts from a scrapped PSA car... and then deal with the question of whether I could use Lexia to tell the BSI that it has CC, or would have to use the aftermarket kit complete in isolation, and what display would show the CC settings.

Hopefully, a close study of the French parts website might help with com unit compatibility, at least in terms of connectors, bolt holes, etc.

Obviously a lot of potential Q's and A's here, but for the sake of the forum I thought it best just to limit my Q to a list of com200x units for now. If anyone wants to give advice on any of my three reasons, I could restart them as separate threads?
(20-10-2020, 07:48 PM)Rasputin Wrote:  ...then I noticed some com2005 units on eBay which have not two or three but four stalks [for example]...

Sorry, wrong link. Try this one:
First I would strongly advise avoiding all Chinese cc stalks, they never work. But an OEM comm unit with 4 stalks should work fine, and yeah you use DiagBox to code the cc into the ECU and BSI sections. Plus you need to have a brake switch and clutch switch.

Someone recently did a good writeup on their cc adventure and I have documentation myself on doing the DiagBox part that I can upload tomorrow for you.

You can plug in a genuine PSA cc stalk (and most models I've had came with the audio control stalk on the lower right too) The same cc stalk is used across almost every PSA model going. You could add the audio stalk as well, no doubt programmed via DiagBox too in the stereo section.

That 307 unit would fit a B9, not sure it's the same as the M59 one though, you may need a 306 one or Xsara for that. I know the airbag connector is different between B9 & M59 so the comm unit may be no use to you if it's a later generation like the 307. The steering wheel for instance can be straight swapped between 307 and B9 but the M59 needs the 306 one I'm sure, due to the airbag plug being different, and I'd think that is part of the comm unit.

Shouldn't be hard to find the right one on eBay though.

When cc is engaged, the dash shows the icon, looks like a tiny Speedo with an arrow pointing to 10 o'clock
My Van: 2012 B9 1.6 HDi Enterprise
The end button on the wiper stalk, is obviously for the trip computer function, and the one on the indicator stalk is for voice control via Bluetooth. So you need a cd45 stereo to use the voice button, and maybe that and the right display to use the TC button. Not sure, as I had that as standard when I got my van but I'm going to add cruise myself. The cc stalk just clicks into place in your existing comm2000 unit.
My Van: 2012 B9 1.6 HDi Enterprise
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  • Rasputin
What kind of M59 do you have?

It's rather surprising that the comm2000 unit is different. The stalks on the 307 are identical to my M59 (2007; 1.6HDi) and are a straight swap.

As for the different comm2000 units and if there is an easy way to get the numbers. I did that before, but it is quite a bit of faff and effort. I needed all possible instrument cluster numbers for the M59 that there are in existence. This website has all part numbers for both Citroen and Peugeot or at least the electrical control units. I programmed my own program to get all the part numbers/description and parse it from the website.

I am not too sure if it will be of any help, but here are all the part numbers and description, it may be of help:
.txt   all_parts_citroen.txt (Size: 173.89 KB / Downloads: 3)

If needed I can upload the Peugeot one.

smile, you are alive!
Forgot to say the file is a tab-delimited text file. One can download it as a text file and search COM2000 inside or open in excel for example or a text editor. This will give you all the COM2000 variants. The first column is the PSA number and the 3rd one the description.
smile, you are alive!
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Interim thanks to Saskak and Zion.

I have a 53 reg 1.4i TU3JP with MA5N gearbox. I believe it's a Multispace (with tailgate but not a Desire) though a VIN checking site says it's a First.

The VIN apparently begins VF7 GJKFWB 93 but I posted issues with it when I joined the forum last year and despite some progress (I earlier thought the G was a B) they still aren't resolved - Catcar does not recognise the full VIN although a VIN checking website does - unless it doesn't check every single digit and only gives generic results. Hopefully the extract above will mean something to those versed in VIN matters regarding model variant etc - I will recheck the VIN very carefully later today or tomorrow.

Ta for the text file; when sorted in Excel it reveals more than 400 entries for com2000! I suppose that must relate to each individual component rather than full assemblies, but I will dig further.

I am no programmer (sob) and though I can see that setting up extraction rules would save a heap of effort (I extracted half a dozen entries manually as a test), I would still be happy to do the whole lot manually, gradually over time.

After posting, I had the belated idea of searching for both com2000 and berlingo, in the hopes of getting a 4-stalk com in the results. No such luck - but there is one under com2005: (98200115XT).
Unfortunately, it only suits the Berlingo 2 (B9).

However, it's great to learn that my hopes of plugging a lone CC stalk into my current com should work, and even more so that the car can be programmed and only needs the pedal thingies etc. besides the above! Another project for the pile. I did read up on CC installation threads last year but don't remember any offhand using a 'proper' com stalk - or am I wrong?

I also had the belated brainwave of searching the French site for that eBay stalk (96470494XT); here's the results: (single stalk, made by "TRW") (com2000 by Valeo, actually 98200115XT as above).

Would you put Delphi in the cheap Chinese or OEM camps? Or both!?

Lastly, for now, the controlunits URL didn't work - I found that it needs to be ended with another slash. I think this is strange as my limited understanding of HTML is that though a final backslash is good practice and officially correct, in practice most browsers are not tripped up by its absence. As far as I can tell, it only lists ECU part numbers but is nevertheless very useful - ultimately a lot more so than a list of com2000s.

Apols if I've missed anything. Back when I have an udate.
Zion, the Diagbox documentation you mention would be very welcome.

I think "TRW" is No results for 96470494XT though.

When I drill down by car brand etc, one of the Berlingos is a "First MPV 07/96-12/11" (so late!) "MF_ GJK GFK", and then the 1.4i has "MFKFX, MFKFW, GJKFWB, GJKFWC, GFKFWC" - these clearly relate to VIN numbers and tell me that at least part of mine (GJKFWB) must be correct.
(21-10-2020, 02:52 PM)Rasputin Wrote:  Lastly, for now, the controlunits ...As far as I can tell, it only lists ECU part numbers

I am wrong, sorry! I found out by clicking on parts numbers at random.

See for example
Now I realise what the text file is - well done!

But trying to identify the part number 9632694877 (and hence all the others of similar format in the website and text file) needed work - surgery even! In the end a goggle led me to
"I can confirm that 9632694877 Valeo number that shows up in lexia is marked on the actual COM2002 unit as 96488229XT".

They don't make it easy do they!

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