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Radiator Fan Running all the time
I doubt he would repair it before reselling it, so you'd also be doing someone else a favour!
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Thanks Rasputin I'll see what he is prepared to do after the weekend. He is blaming his auto-electrician .. I would tell "if you cannot fix it correctly then I'll send it to the agents and YOU will pay the bill!!" Mechanically it has no issues and despite being a December 2007 build it's pristine inside and out actually so it's really just a instrumentation/electrical issue ..seems such a waste .. hopefully he will listen to reason??? Apart from those issues it runs really sweetly!!!
He's obviously more of a dealer than a mechanic. He'll look for the cheapest way to fob you off, hence offering to buy the van back. If you threaten him with a main agent's bill you may find it long and difficult (and possibly expensive) to get him to pay it.

One possibility might to threaten his future business by leaving appropriate feedback in as many online places as you can. Google his business - one of the first things you'll see (or would over here) is a 5-star rating generated from fb left. Also see if he advertises on Autocar, eBay, etc.

To show you mean business, start by sending him printouts/links of the feedback he already has in these places, with the statement that you'll add your own comments if he doesn't have your issue sorted out.

Ideally, I would want it fixed by someone else not him.

Do you have "Trading Standards" or similar over there - a govt body which regulates what it says? Threaten your intention to complain to them if he doesn't resolve things.
Current: 2003 1.4i MS MPV - Lucifer Red
Prev: 2003 1.6 MS Desire - Bile Blue
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Thanks guys .. now I found out something else today!!! My fuel gauge was just over 1/4 tank when I goy 3 beeps and the orange fuel light came on. The tank indeed was almost empty and filling it made the guage read way over the full mark so I have decided that both the fuel and temp are both drastically overreading ...I honestly think that the voltage regulator that keeps the instrument console fed with the same voltage is faulty ..a charging battery can get right up to 13.6v or can drop down to under 12 under load so instrument panels usually get fed a constant voltage so they are accurate's going to the dealers auto-electrician next Monday and he can sort the speed sensor out too!!!

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