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adding CC stalk to com2000
In the com2000 variants thread, one concern I had was which com2000s could have a cruise control stalk added to them, if at all, or would I have to swap my com2000 for a whole com2000 already with a CC stalk.

Advice given was that most or all com2000s can have a CC stalk plugged into them , so I checked mine out.

For the record my Berlingo is a 53 reg 1.4i petrol.

The lower steering column shroud was unpromising - no cutout for a stalk at 8 o'clock at all. But inside it, the com2000 did indeed have a mounting plate covering what must be a socket for plugging a CC stalk into. The plate simply pulls out (away from the steering column).


Taking off the top shroud allowed me to see the stickers on my comm. They show it to be a 96530926XT which is indeed a com2000. I mention this so that others with it will know that they can plug a CC stalk into it.


It is curious that a barcode sticker has been ripped off and another small handwritten label added. Makes me think this is a replacement? Could it have been done at the factory, if my earlier thought that my audio stalk might be an optional extra specified by my car's first owner? The comm unit is of the right vintage for this to be the case, to within a month of the car's mfg date going by the date on one sticker and the RPO code.

Lastly, one small note. A Youtube video I saw says that the lower shroud is fixed by two T20 Torx screws on its underside near the steering wheel. That's where I found two screws but they were T15, and there's a third one centrally placed at the other (forward) end of the shroud. Note also that its T15 screw is slightly shorter than the other two:


Could be a useful tip for someone.
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Great find mate! You'll be cruising no-feet style in no time Smile
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  • Rasputin
I do admit it's a great relief just to find out that CC is even possible without the expense of an aftermarket kit, that doing it at the same time as adding a 3-line MFD makes practical sense, and especially that it can be done in a way that looks like it is OE to the car!

However it's not all plain sailing - I will put another thread up later about one thing I forgot in all this excitement - the issues regarding my wiper stalk's incompatibility with the MFD trip meter functions. I'm working on the problem online at the mo, as far as I can.

But cheers for the thumbs up anyway, Zion - of course, all my learning curves will eventually I hope lead to future postings containing useful advice and info for future modders, to complement those already posted by others.
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I think fitting the upgraded comm2000 would work, and it's the only way for the computer display control to work. As long as it came from the m59 generation.
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Thanks; my thoughts are heading that way too. But so far the only (supposedly) com2000 upgrade I can find with is a close match is an N345724749 (2514 92).

The body of this unit looks identical to the one I have; the middle connector is taped over as mine probably is; it has 'On-board computer control', and the wiper stalk has a button on the end (as I said earlier, probably the same thing).

However, although the large font title includes "com2000", the part number says "com2003" and - the most worrying bit - a sticker in one of the photos bears the date 09/06/16. Probably not very M59 then! "Berlingo I" (M59) is one of the car types it supposedly fits, but I am thinking more and more that the small print in this website is not entirely reliable.

Unfortunately this comms unit seems to be as rare as hens' teeth; most goggling hits are other versions of this website in different languages and the same company's offering on eBay. I can't find any independent details on it elsewhere, so have to rely on the above.

I found this one in Spain - AND it has all four stalks!

Unfortunately this is a cache from August and it's no longer available.

What I haven't done yet is go through the other com200x series (such as com2003 - see my first post under com2000 variants) - I should really do that.
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Can you post a picture of your wiper stalk?
The wiper stalk button is onboard-computer control.

Chances are the comm unit had not changed much in the whole generation of vehicles. But if the airbag connector is passed through it to the airbag, then something important is the airbag connector is not the same on the M59 and the B9 so only the M59/pug 306/Citroen Xsara comm units will work on the M59 column. It's one thing getting the comm unit working to change the computer display and have CC working, but no connection to the airbag means a warning light and no MOT pass come that time.

I would just look for a used one from one of those vehicles, will be about £30 and try it. If it doesn't work, resell it on eBay or return it for a refund. All online purchases can be returned up to 14 days after receipt under the Distance Selling Act 2000.

Saves endless trawling part number lists and other sites. If it's used, has 4 or even 3 stalks, it will work. In fact if you already have the 3 stalks just as my M59 did, you only need the CC stalk and those are all identical. You don't need a new comm unit. But, if you also want the computer control version then you'll have to find a used comm from a model that had the 3 line display and trip computer.
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For someone who has little or no idea what all these part/serial numbers mean, is it as simple as adding the stalk from a scrap car?

I'm planning to do a LOT of motorway miles over the winter so it'd be nice to have if it was that easy!
You need the cc stalk from a Citroen or Peugeot of the same model range, and a brake switch plus clutch switch and then it has to be coded into the BSI & ECU using a software package called DiagBox and an interface called Lexia 3 to make it work.
My Van: 2012 B9 1.6 HDi Enterprise
Thanks all for your recent posts. Apols for disappearing - I work long shifts and couldn't stay awake, having clocked on at 3.45am today.

First, to Thisisnotaspoon, you are definitely NOT the only one not knowing about all these codes - I've just jumped in the deep end myself, and it's a lot deeper than it first looked! I agree that if CC can be 'this easy' it would be great, so I want to crack it, not just for me but if I can pass on tips to others to know what to look out for, that would be satisfying.

If you haven't seen them already, some of the earlier threads on CC will be useful:
[keyword 'cruise' in thread title, M59 and M59 solved forums (or is it fora?)]

Zion, thankyou muchly for your detailed info - the airbag passthrough i had no idea about and explains one of the connectors at least. Looks like the thing to do is compare the plugs on the ends of the wires hanging out of the front of the units with my one.

You say all the CC stalks are the same, but you said different in my other CC stalk thread. My one with speed limiter arrived today (I only ordered it yesterday, so its limiter function clearly doesn't work!) - do I need to send it back?

I have also ordered the two pedal switches - though if they are the right ones is another puzzle not even attempted yet. One of their part numbers comes up variously as suitable and not suitable for my car as saved in eBay. Grrr.

If all the comm units are basically the same, and I am not doubting you, then why are there so many of them??

Okay, pics.

Top: my stalk. Bottom: the end cap removed

Inside the stalk body

Sorry - my memory of my switch's internals was quite off - I would now describe it like this: the end cap is part of the same moulding as the end of the switch; when pulled off this has the long plastic prong in it, not the switch body. The prong does have a tiny hole in its centre but far too narrow for a cotton bud stalk.

Just to confirm, the end cap is not a separate moulding and cannot be removed by itself, and must therefore be different to what others have reported in thread on upgrading to a 3-line MFD. They say that you can pop the end cap off and put a cotton bud stalk into the end of the wiper stalk, and then pressing it operates the trip function of the 3-line display without the need for a stalk with a proper end button as its cap. Not in my case.

Inside the switch there are PCB tracks despite what I said yesterday, but nevertheless there is nothing I can see which a stalk (or a proper trip finction end button) could operate. In the photos, the not bery clear round white thing is a bit of plastic sticking up, against which a plastic track with various inclines inside the cap rubs against, giving he swtich its tactile feel when you rotate it to operate the wipers. It does nothing else.

The big central hole where the cap's stalk clips into is hollow, so I wondered whether it has a switch inside it for the trip functions. But as photo 3 shows, a screwdriver with a 4" shank - longer than the capless stalk itself - went all the way in, and it still wasn't long enough to make contact with anything deep inside. I suspect there's nothing in there at all.


If anyone's reading who has done the cotton bud trick, does my stalk look like yours or not?

That's it for today. Good job my sleeping pattern prefers 2x4hrs instead of 1x8hrs!
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