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Beeps when starting
One more question people?

When I start I get 3 beeps and then a single beep before the radio comes on which I assume is normal but today I couple of the same sequence whilst driving ..temp etc was all normal and no warning lights came on .. however it was the first run of the day and my speedo and odometer were frozen so the manual says a level 2 error is 3 beeps.  Would the BSI or ECU pick up that the speedo wasn't working and give the 3 beeps???  Going to pull the sensor out tomorrow and find the issue with it not working!
Not heard of beep codes before, but there's always something new to learn!
I suggest to get the speedo sorted & then see what happens.
3 beeps I think is remote control (key) battery low.

There's some stuff in the manual about beeps, like when brake fluid is low etc. It should display a message too mind you.
My Van: 2012 B9 1.6 HDi Enterprise
Wow news to me .. the keys have batteries ??? .. how on earth do you change them ?? Mine just look like ordinary keys but admittedly they do have a tiny flap in the front just above where the metal part goes in. As soon as I turn the key I can start but it emits 3 consecutive beeps then the warning lights all are cleared and it then does a single beep and the radio comes on .. even when the speedo is working
I'm no expert at all, but i case things are different over there, here there are basically two sorts of keys, remote and not remote. The former have 2 or 3 buttons allowing you to lock and unlock the car without putting the key in any lock, and have button cells in them. To change the cell you prise the key apart where its two moulded halves meet with something like a table knife - strong and thin but not too sharp.

The non-remote type have (I think) a weak radio transponder in them; they may have a batt but I think it more likely they are 'woken up' by a radio frequency signal generated by your car, then they respond to it by transmitting a code. If the code is recognised, you can start your car.

Could this be something to do with the code being reset every time, or newly recognised every time, or something like that?
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Softweigh, Do you not have remote central locking? If not then check your brake fluid level. Could be that.
My Van: 2012 B9 1.6 HDi Enterprise
Maybe a daft answer, but to eliminate if it is the key or not, do you have a spare key that is none electronic and will start the engine? Or any spare key, electronic or not, that will work?
I have checked all fluid levels and they are all correct .. I have 3 keys for the van and each will start with no issues and nope no central locking and no buttons on the key plastic part either just when you turn ignition on all the warning lights light up and you hear 3 beeps ..turn the key to start the van and it's perfect and all lights go out (except the handbrake if it's still up) about a second later there is a single beep and the radio comes on. It seems it's just a check system that our models have maybe? These models that they class as SWB and 3 door are very sparse .. manual windows, manual locking (so you need to go around and lock each door and very very basic but little or no luxuries included. Dunno if it's relevant but two keys have a gold colour metal section and one is silver. I wonder if the beeps might be an error code and occur because the rad fan runs continuously?
There is a thread on here about random beeps with answers ranging from software updates to disconnecting the battery for a few minutes to reset.
When you say, "then a single beep before the radio comes on which I assume is normal" - is it?
I don't have your model but if the radio is off when I switch off, it doesn't come on when I switch on. Never has on any car I've owned.
At the end of the thread there is mention of pressing the menu button on the radio -
Yes, to concur, beeps of any sort are not normal, and suggest either an error or acknowledgement signal, if that helps. And my radio only comes on when I tell it to.

To help fill in the big picture for you, I have a basic MPV but because it's an MPV maybe it's a bit less basic than a basic van - I wouldn't know for sure. I only have ordinary keys without buttons but also have central locking - when I unlock the driver's door, all the other doors and tailgate follow suit.

You'll find more than a few threads on here about lights (headlights, indicators etc) and/or warning lights (dashboard) doing strange erratic unpredictable things; quite often the solution offered is to reset the ECU using an OBD reader, laptop running Windows XP (later versions won't work), and a program called Lexia/Diagbox. I've not had to do it so others who have experience may be able to correct me here.

If that seems overkill for one job, look for garages which advertise diagnostic services, engine remapping, and so on. Especially if they work with Citroens or Peugeots (same thing apart from their badges). They may be able to help.

I'm assuming your van has an OBD socket - it should do. If you're not sure, look for threads on it or go online. Also do the same for Lexia and Diagbox.
Current: 2003 1.4i MS MPV - Lucifer Red
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