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General grabber tyres
(03-01-2021, 08:08 AM)Romahomepete Wrote:  Remember wider tyres give less traction in snow.


Thanks ! 

(03-01-2021, 08:19 AM)Zion Wrote:  Plenty of wheel size guides online, just Google for that. The only wheels which fit the B9 are 4x108 PSA wheels anyway with a 62mm centre bore. Can't remember the offset but it's online. Ford wheels are same PCD but centre bore is too small.

So as only PSA wheels fit, you're restricted to the range of sizes available from Citroen or Peugeot already. I have C4 VTR alloys on mine, 17" with 205/50/17 tyres and I have no issues with rubbing etc. But they came off the C4 Picasso which is identical platform to the B9 anyway.

Not sure if there are any larger wheels in the range, think 17 is it. You may get off road tyres in that size online.

Thanks for that.  

(03-01-2021, 08:08 AM)Romahomepete Wrote:  Remember wider tyres give less traction in snow.

And, if chunky 'off-road' tread pattern, on water covered Tarmac at any sort of speed.
B9 (2016) 1.6 BlueHDi 100 Multispace XTR = Mine;   B9 (2013) Enterprise 1.6 HDi Van = Hers.
(03-01-2021, 08:08 AM)Romahomepete Wrote:  Remember wider tyres give less traction in snow.


That's a bit of a myth, really.
In the early days, thread patterns were ... worse than crap...
And the thought was that narrow tires 'cuts through' to the bottom and grip there.
Yeah, right...

And my aunt was the Norwegian short-track ice racing champion sometime in the 70s with her VW Beetle...

Weird stuff shappens.
But even if she was a champion, that doesn't make the beetle a good winter car...
And it doesn't make narrow tires good, either...

On a SNOW covered road you want wide tires with a good pattern. See those tiny zig-zag cuts going into the knobs on modern winter tires?
Those are what gets you your grip on snow.
You want as many as possible of those over as wide area as possible.

Snow-covered ice?
The same, really, but slow the eff down!
Studs may help a bit, but they're no wonderweapon.

Dry ice?
Eh, keep on driving with the same tires.

Wet ice?
Studs! As many as legal, and in a spread-out pattern. You do NOT want one stud 'cutting a groove' for the next stud to fit into when braking.

If studded tires are out, get a good set of chains to keep in your car. And practice putting them on. Odds are that it's dark, cold and miserable when you have to do it for real. If you know how to do it properly, you look like less of a chum, and also you can get back inside to thaw out your hands so much quicker..

those 'easy on' snowchains can be used most of the time, but remember that they tend to disintegrate quickly, and they're useless on wet ice. Also, if the lock fails or they otherwise shifts, they tend to wrap around the hub and can even take out brake lines.
(Install and tighten, spin the wheels half a turn or more, retighten the chains)

There's also the AutoSock.
These even get traction on wet ice. And they're really easy to fit. So easy that even Jaguar owners buy them...

Mythbusters 'disproved' the myth that it was better to drive in reverse on icy roads...
A pity that they didn't check why it was supposed to be so much better...
It's going uphill.
You get a lot more weight on your drive-wheels, and crucially...
When you lose traction and have to get back down, you'll be driving forwards, not frantically fighting your car to stop it from going off the road ass-first...
Cheers, googling size guides etc.

Looks as if the closest available in the ko2 is 215/65/r16, which would be 25.7mm larger radius than the stock 195/65/15, and 19.55mm larger radius than the largest stock I can see listed at 215/50/17.

Is this a ridiculous amount extra, enough to cause problems without modification to arches etc ? The only 15" ones in the range have a 75 ratio and are larger again.

Thanks everyone for all the advice so far - I remember that 'narrow cuts through' chat from years ago when my MkII polo would get about in the snow just fine - didn't stop me longing for a defender though !
Ps, used chains a few times, always successfully, but I'm sure there's an inverse relationship between how quickly you want them on and how awful the weather is whilst attempting the process. Hence seeking tyres that might avoid the need. I will get some 'easy on' ones as well.


An inch or so of rolling circumference shouldn't even be noticeable, I went from 15" steels on standard tyres to 205/50/17 with little or no change to Speedo accuracy according to my GPS, in fact it probably improved closer to reality. This in itself proves the height of the whole wheel and tyre package changed by next to nothing. I did it for looks and handling.
My Van: 2012 B9 1.6 HDi Enterprise
Apologies if this hijacking but the issue of tyres is of critical interest.

M49 175/60/R14 tyre choice; what is the grippiest mud tyre? I live in a rural area and even my entry/exit to the farm buildings I have is waterlogged to the point that I can slip sur mon derriere when out checking at night on foot. Some of the tracks to the other fields are marginal but a better tyre would help a lot.

I had general grabbers on a knackered old Mercedes M class, they were superb.

I don't care as much about tarmac grip. I don't race around carelessly on wet roads.

What are the experiences of others in tyre choice please?

(04-01-2021, 01:17 AM)lazy_pete Wrote:  Ps, used chains a few times, always successfully, but I'm sure there's an inverse relationship between how quickly you want them on and how awful the weather is whilst attempting the process. Hence seeking tyres that might avoid the need. I will get some 'easy on' ones as well.

The Autosock can be put on in moments.
Stay away from the copycats, though.
(02-01-2021, 11:35 PM)lazy_pete Wrote:  
(07-11-2020, 07:46 PM)valtte Wrote:  235/70/17 will be +124.0 mm bigger in outer diameter than 205/50/17. it means that your gears are also going to be 20% longer/bigger. Speedometer has to be adjusted also.

I have m59 berlingo with 195/75-16 tires on gloss black alloys. I don´t remember which tires those are but it´s studded Goodyear with rough tread profile. Summer tires are same size but with smooth tread profile. There are some modifications done to fit those. Biggest downside is that the car is very fast on first gear.

Hi, on a similar vein I'm hoping to put some heftier tyres on my 2017 L1 Berlingo van. Reason being navigating access lanes to local hills - snow and ice to ski in winter, water and mud to bike in 'summer'. Winter rated (to run year round) and a bit of extra height would be useful to get over the crests of ice in the lane center. Currently on stock steel wheels with 195/65/r15 tyres. I've no idea how large / wide I can safely go without having to modify suspension / arches etc. I was looking at BFG KO2 tyres - seem popular in the camper van / off-road community. 

Any experience / advice on sizing and wheel compatibility would be much appreciated. 



go with large narrow tires like 185 or 195 if there is no terrain where the wheel might sink. narrow tire performs better on snow and water. wider tire "floats" better on soft surfaces.

as said, there is tools on internet to calculate size differences. I have modified suspension and inner fenders to fit tires that i have.

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