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Lexia 3 Diagbox?
Im looking to future proof my M9 purchase and get right in...

Ive bought a Foxwell NT530 and a used cruise switch so far..

I fancy a Lexia 3 but am confused over what to get...  theres ones on ebay for 30 quid and others for 114...

What do I need to get the best out of my 2014 car?
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All of the software on eBay is the same, the only thing to look for is the full-chip Lexia 3 interface as it is the best. The lesser clones are not so good, lack functionality and can be bricked by certain update levels. All software stops at v7.83 but to go beyond v7.62 (from memory), requires the software to update the firmware in the adaptor (the Lexia) which works on the full chip ones, but not the lesser ones.

Get one that states full-chip Lexia rev C adaptor and stop at v7.58 of DiagBox and you will have the best, most stable and easiest to navigate version.

Read the included readme's and follow to the letter. Don't ever have the internet connected during installation or when using DiagBox. When it asks for a password, it is "Scary01" but again this is all in the read me files. Don't skip steps or take short cuts.
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  • Coozer
@Coozer If you find one that looks good, can you please share it here as I'm in the market for one as well. Thanks!
Thanks Zion, im still confused tho as the prices go from 30 up to 114 quid....

whats the advantage of paying 114 over 40?

They all look much the same in the photos
2014 B9 1.6 HDI Multispace.
Some are from China, cheaper but take longer to arrive The UK sellers seem to have jacked up the prices. I paid about £50 for mine, there is little difference that I can see. Just be sure they are supplying the full chip interface and not the "lite" version.

Unless you buy from an online store like obd2shop then you get support, and it isn't so expensive: (£47)

They are all clones of the real thing - which costs big bucks.
My Van: 2012 B9 1.6 HDi Enterprise

they ship from uk...both full chip.... same as Zion but maybe a different company..... take ur choice
Ive bought one, 36 pounds in the aliexpress sale
2014 B9 1.6 HDI Multispace.
I have read this thread with great interest. I played around with a Peugeot ODB about 20 years ago and to be honest it had me pulling my hair out and never did get on with it.
Having just bought me 2013 Multispace i am wondering whether to dip my big foot in the pond again.
The other thing is do they come with Mac software?
I to want to put cruise control in but is it "easy", are there many step to go through.
I have a windows PC but hate the damm thing, it's like an early steam hammer, i think a steam hammer is more advanced really.
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I would advise you to make your choice not by price but by vendor.

I have just been installing a copy of Diagbox which came from China via eBay. Although as Zion says the software itself is identical within all the differently priced offerings out there, I would add that from my admittedly limited experience the file and folder structure of the DVDs is definitely not! I spent ages wading through online how-to-install guides and videos, also asked this forum, yet what I had on my DVDs did not correspond to any of the advice I had! It even did not correspond to the how to install video that was thoughtfully put on one of its own disks!!

My saga:

True, you are buying a cloned program and it may seem strange when you can get it for £30 or £130 - but you are also buying a VERY complicated installation nightmare, and you are also possibly NOT buying any help advice or support to get you through it (apart from this wonderful forum of course).

Secondly, you are also buying an interface cable which includes a plastic box with microprocessors in it, and you will often see the advice to buy a full-chip version. Search the forum for more details. I read on another forum only today about someone having problems with a supposedly full-chip Lexia bought from aliexpress which appears to be no such thing.

So I suggest you do what I didn't and wish I had done - look at the service offered rather than the price asked - you are not just buying a cheap cable and plastic disks with programs on them or ISO downloads.

Make your way over to one of the specialist UK-based suppliers, and as a quick test, ask in advance what support they can offer should you need it. There are several other threads about which praise or recommend certain companies: I regrettably didn't use any so it seems unfair for me to name any. Others can and I invite them to do so.

I am still not at all sure that my Diagbox is the full ticket. It can apparently fully communicate with all my car's components and reports no fault codes, but has to ask me for the VIN and RPO and also says that its ECU is unrecognised. I have put maybe 2-3 days of my own time into this software purchase and that nightmare is still ongoing.
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There is a test for the real full chip adaptor. Update to version 7.83 or higher and it will warn you the interface firmware must be updated. If that works, it's a full chip V3 interface. If it gets bricked or says interface update failed, it's a cheap crappy interface.

Pay by PayPal or credit card, and just do a chargeback if you get a cheap dud. PayPal will support you, just report it as faulty and wish to return the item. They will give you the money back even if the seller won't (on eBay most will refund straight away as they get into hot water if they don't)

And no it doesn't support a Mac....

You may get it running with Wine on the Mac but never tried and I expect not, it's a complex piece of software. Many fail trying to install it, steps have to be followed very carefully or it just doesn't work.
My Van: 2012 B9 1.6 HDi Enterprise

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