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WinterContact Tyres
Spent several hours emailing and phoning round last week for a set of TS 830's, Kwik Fit in Manchester said they could have them delivered within 24 hours for £577 fully fitted, Kwik Fit Bury could also have them delivered within 24 hours, fully fitted for £526...Hopefully it'll snow like crazy this year!

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guaranteed not to snow now you have got those tyres ;-) .Many thanks
I have got the same tyres on mine. Got them just as the snow started earlier in December and they are brilliant. PCH has them too and was also impressed. I got mine through Kwikfit as well as they had a 25% discount offer at the time (not sure if they are still doing it). They were £250 for four (185/65/15) including fitting. They will also swap them over for free if it ever warms up.
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Hello Chris...Yes, Kwik Fit are still advertising 25% off, not sure on what they base the price on though given the difference between centres...Can't wait to try them, specially after reading all the reviews. I was little baffled by my insurance company [thought I give them a call after hearing about some companies classing them as a "Modification" and charging] These haven't affected my policy as such, but I have to call them on the day I put them, can only use them for four months, and inform them again once I've switched back to summer tyres!
Did they give you any reason for that Pete? I always thought it would be something they would be encouraging during the winter months...
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No reason as such Andre, I did ask, but the advisor could quote company policy. Made me wonder what would happen if I put them on end of October and took them off end of February, and out of blue, a foot of snow falls in March! They did say my insurance would go up by £130.00 if I put a set alloys on instead of the steelies, and if I do put alloys on and don't inform them, should anything happen, my insurance would be void...
I have a set of TS830's too and they are great. Bought mine at the end of August (just after I ordered the Berli) for the equivalent of £343.54 (not including mounting). They are 205x65R15.
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My winter ones are 195 70 r15`s and they are good BUT not be all and end all. On snow and ice they are certainly better than normal tyres and on cold road surfaces they grip much better, but I have had to but some snow chains as tyres alone wont cope with hills and snow/ice. e.g. where I live. I think that just like the europeans we have to consider both, dependant upon where you live and what you will be driving in. I also havent informed my insurance about them, as they are 4 season mud and snow tyres .I paid £75.00 each for them about 2 years ago. Had them on my VW Camper before my Berlingo.
Do you think just Two on the front would be effective and or leagle
Dangerous and illegal. The theory works with snow chains as the driving speeds are very low and as soon as the road is clear enough, you remove them. Winter tyres (not studded ice tyres) are designed to work up to the full speed and weight loads of "normal" tyres so at higher speeds having lots of grip at the front and little at the back (or vice versa) would be less than ideal. Most places (such as Kwikfit) will only fit them as a set of four.
2005 Berlingo Multispace 1.6i Desire (Iron Grey)

If everything seems to be going well, you have obviously overlooked something.


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