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Berlingo Horns
This may seem strange but does anybody know the DB of the horn fitted to the Berlingo. 

I was travelling down the A30 the other day and the car coming towards me was slowly crossing the centre line, i was pumping the horn as we were on a collision course but he clearly was not hearing me. I started flashing him and he jerked back to his side of the road. My horn is working and i though quite loud.

I am thinking of something louder, i had something like Fiamm horns on my last car, double tone one high one low and they were quite piercing in sound. I was also thinking of  a bull horn .

Also is the existing horn run through a relay?

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He was probably listening to his music system at a high volume which would have drowned out any external sounds.
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It's controlled by the BSI. Try a Stebel truck horn 12v, should be a straight swap. I'm going to fit one, as I must say mine sounds like Noddy's tooter. It wouldn't frighten a toddler never mind alert a driver in another car.

Here's a link, might find them cheaper elsewhere:
My Van: 2012 B9 1.6 HDi Enterprise
I find pressing and holding on the hooter seems to make it louder.
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I have two horns bought from weebay - an ordinary one from an Aston Martin, and a twin-horn one from a Maserati. Can't wait to have fun with them!

IIRC there are laws banning horns above a certain dB. Research this before you decide to import a US train horn!

To be safe, I was thinking of splicing a relay into the current horn's supply, controlled by a switch in the cab somewhere, so that the standard one can be switched back into circuit when it's a good idea to do so.
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There's no upper limit on horn dB in the UK, only restrictions on when it can be sounded. 11pm to 7am, no horn use except in an emergency.

That's according to the highway code. It also says any horn on a vehicle made after 1971-73 must not be "harsh or grating" -

hmmm....typical British wooly description there by Mr Cholmondley Warner of the D.O.T. circa 1935.

"I say old bean, that horn of yours is awfully harsh and grating"

"Oh dash it, frightfully sorry old chap, I'll just give a friendly wave next time you pull out in front of me! Cheerio!"

Big Grin

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My Van: 2012 B9 1.6 HDi Enterprise
Thanks for the answers, the Stebel looks good but 18 amps drawn current, phew! That is some horn.
Not to worried about the nose level as i will keep the std and just use the supply to it swapping it back for the MOT, maybe. lol

Had a quick 'listen' and it may well be the Stebel, wish i hadn't sold my cow horn all those years ago, oh well.
Check the DB on the std horn right at the front and got 85DB.
You can always add a switch to change between the 'grnny friendly' and the truck horn.

Here in Norway two-tone or more is banned.
I love the deep truck horn sound. My horn goes toot toot and it sounds pathetic. I've had my eye on a Stebel for a while. You can use the existing connections to the horn, parallel off them to drive a relay coil, then for the output contacts just run a fused supply off the main engine bay supply / battery / piggyback at 20A to one of the output contacts, and the other output contact to the Stebel then return the new horn negative to a good ground. If you want to switch out the beefy one, just run the negative from a ground inside  the cab through a switch and out to the new horn negative.

That way you only pass a ground wire through the bulkhead and if it ever chafes, the horn will still work and it's super safe.
My Van: 2012 B9 1.6 HDi Enterprise

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